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Rise of the Kaiju (fanfiction)

Rise of the Kaiju (fanfiction)

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2KMember2626 XPMar-01-2021 9:02 PM


Disclaimer: Most of the monsters depicted in this fanfiction are owned by Toho, Daisei, Sony/Tristar, Legendary/Warner Bro’s, TMS, and Tokyo TV.

This fanfiction is unrelated to my Gojiverse, This fanfiction will neither feature any marvel characters nor canonize all godzilla movies; it's its own continuity. I am to make this fanfiction more in-line to a proper Godzilla/Gamera storyline that draws inspiration from all eras (Showa, Heisei, Millenium, TriStar, MonsterVerse, and Reiwa) 

Creative feedback is appreciative.


251 million years ago…


A blinding flash of light raced across the mid-day skies before a terrible thunderous roar echoed across the earth. The once clear skies were now smothered in dense clouds of ash. From the Siberian traps came a bright light shooting up into the dark skies, the light exploded into a fireball; radiating like a star before taking form. Massive blinding illuminating golden wings unfurl from its metallic cocoon as the creature stretches out its three biomechanical serpentine necks to their fullest extent.

From the coasts, sharp dorsal spines burst from the watery depths. atomic fire bursts from the water directly at Primal Ghidorah. The Ghidorah recoiled for a moment before firing its gravity beams towards the coastline, the water exploded wherever the beams touched; revealing the kaiju hiding beneaths. A massive triop-like beast rose from the water, it was a Deiakhan, a radioactive deep sea arthropod that serves as earth’s balancer since the late cambrian period. Its tail spines begin to glow blue, Deiakhan flares open its mandibles as it releases its atomic beam into Primal Ghidorah. Ghidorah collectively flashes its teeth before shielding itself with its wings, the atomic energy like a great wave washes over Ghidorah’s golden form. The golden wings unfurl, ghidorah collectively flickers its tongues at its adversary. Ghidorah’s left head fires a gravity beam behind Deiakhan, Ghidorah's right head fires a gravity beam in front of Deiakhan; the guardian kaiju is tossed around like a ragdoll. Then Ghidorah’s middle head roars before commanding all to fire directly at Deiakhan’s soft belly.


Deiakhan squealed in pain as its body was being lifted out of the water by the beams, Ghidorah levitates Deiakhan closer to its trio of hungry mouths. It stretches out its weak vestigial arms to hold the triop-like kaiju onto its smooth scaly underbelly while its jaws clamp down on to Deiakhan’s soft spots. Atomic energy flows into Primal Ghidorah jaws and skin like a sponge. Deiakhan’s body makes one last spasm before recoiling into death. Primal Ghidorah took to the skies as it rained down from the sky a volley of cluster gravity beams onto the planet surface, the earth rumbled by the touch of Ghidorah’s radiant light. The following centuries and millennia the earth burned under Ghidorah’s reign; The forests were dying while many beasts lie suffocating on the surface. Every volcano across the earth has since erupted, leading to what will be called The Great Dying. The oceans were polluted with large quantities of unfrozen methane, causing the waters to become acidic which kills many marine lifeforms. Primal Ghidorah cackled at the destruction it had wrought. 


Tiny moth-like insects clinging on to the surviving trees caught in the inferno began to radiate with a blue-green light, their collective energy summoned the avatar of mother earth herself; Gigamoth. Gigamoth flared her wings, she cried out to Primal Ghidorah in defiance, Ghidorah turned its three collective heads towards Gigamoth. Ghidorah’s middle head sneared, the right head growled, the left head turned away from its siblings towards another threat; it was the beetle-like Megalon, the spider-like cephalopod Scylla, the spider Kumonga, the lobster-like shrimp Ebirah, the crab-like shrimp Ganimes, and a swarm of the dragonfly-like Meganulons come to Gigamoth’s aide. The meganulons kamikaze into Ghidorah, the three headed space dragon disintegrates most of the swarm before Kumong spits its web around the left and center head, sticking them together. Megalon charges in prematurally as Ghidorah’s right head is still free, Ghidorah open’s its jaws, a flash of light radiates from within its jaws before blasting the beetle kajiu apart with its gravity beam. The right head turns its attention to free its siblings, Gigamoth seizes her chance, she digs her bladed forearms into the right head’s neck  decapitating it. Gigamoth makes a speedy getaway before turning back around to finish off its sibling heads; the middle head fires its gravity beam into its left head, tearing away kumonga’s webbing as well as obliterating lefty’s head. Ghidorah fires its gravity beam into Kumonga, obliterating the spider kaiju. Gigamoth barrels towards Ghidorah, to strike at its last remaining head. Ghidorah ignoring the other arthropod kaiju focuses on Gigamoth, its sibling’s headless necks began regenerating their heads. Gigamoth flares her antenna, a beam of energy fires out of them, the regenerating ghidorah sibling heads bursts into goo. Ebirah clamps its pinchers around Ghidorah's left leg while Scylla wraps her tentacle mouth around the right leg. Gigamoth prepares to slice off the middle head, she cries in anticipation. Primal Ghidorah fires its gravity beam into Gigamoth, the beam sent her flying backwards, in due haste Ghidorah flapped its wings hard to gain lift off despite the efforts of scylla and ebirah, Gigamoth fired her energy beam into Primal Ghidorah as it took to the skies. Scylla and Ebirah release themself from Ghidorah’s leg before falling back into the water. 


Primal Ghidorah flees back into the dark cold void of space. Gigamoth landed on Deiakhan’s carcass, she nudged the fallen kaiju to awake. Deiakhan remained motionless, the volcanic fires burned the sky, rivers of molten magma flow to claim Deiakhan’s remains. Gigamoth quickly returns to the skies, she cries as she releases her divine energy over the planet earth. For one million years, Gigamoth spent her energy repairing the damage Primal Ghidorah has brought to the blue planet. A new dawn sets up on the Earth, the Permian period as well as the paleozoic era has now ended, the dawn of the Triassic and the beginning of the Mesozoic has begun. Gigamoth softly lands on a mountain overlooking a great valley. Tiny diictodon leave their burrows as vegetation returns to the surface. Gigamoth will spend the remainder of the Triassic recovering from her wounds, for the time for Ghidorah’s return will come again and she doesn’t know if she would be strong enough to stop them.

258 Responses to Rise of the Kaiju (fanfiction)


RespectedMember1538 XPMar-02-2021 3:10 PM


That was very cash money of you.


2KMember2626 XPMar-03-2021 2:51 AM



 201 Million Years ago, Late Triassic


Thunderous skies roared overhead as rain started to drizzle on the three metallic boulders at the bottom of the ravine. The drizzle began to intensify into a flash flood, a stray lightning bolt struck the middle boulder, the middle boulder then passed the electricity to its siblings. Again the lightning struck the middle boulder, again, again, and again until a toothed black and white snout burst from the boulder. The snout retracted back into the metallic boulder, only to peer its red glowing eye out into the world. It spots its sibling’s eggs next to it, the creature calls out to them, their eggs begin to stir awake; then they hatch.

The right metallic egg hatched, dark scales, a single draconic head, and powerful limbs. The Left metallic egg hatched, golden scales, a single draconic head, green protofeathers, and webby front limbs. Dorats, the baby stage of the ghidorahs. Desdorat and King Dorat in body shape resembled a theropod dinosaur but retain the heads of their parentage, the two dorats quickly turn to their older sibling’s egg before latching their feet, sporting double killer sickle claws on both, to their brother’s egg.


Seeing his siblings pitiful attempt to remove his egg shell, decided to hatch himself. His red eyes glow a bright yellow before the egg shell blows apart sending the young ghidorahs backwards, black and white scales cover his body, a skull-like visage with red glowing eyes like his mother and the pronounced biomechanical musculature of his father; Keizer Dorat in his baby Monster X form gently levitates to the ground floor. Keizer Dorat looked down on his brother and sister; their insolence made him angry. King Dorat snarled at his older brother, flaring its webbed arms out in a territorial display. Desdorat followed suit while biting at King Dorat’s neck. Keizer Dorat beats both his younger brother and sister into submission with a quick keizer gravity beam from his eyes. Keizer Dorat begins to speak a bizarre language to his brother and sister, they understood. The awakening of the ghidorah children brings an end to the Triassic, their rampage however didn’t go unnoticed by Mothra and Leomothra. The two guardian kaiju fought the kaijulings constantly but everytime the dorats gave the kaiju moth the slip up.


199 Million years ago, Early Jurassic.


Pangea was no more as it splitted into two separate land masses, Laurasia and Gondwana. The surviving Dinosaurs and Pterosaurs quickly became the dominant non-kaiju species, while the psuedosuchians were reduced to a single surviving clade, the crocodylomorphs. However during the triassic-jurassic extinction a single species of pseudosuchians were uplifted into guardians by Mothra; the anguirosuchus were now the kaiju species Anguirus. The Anguirus quickly adopted their role as shepherds of plant eating dinosaurs and were quick to act against the dorats. Meanwhile Gojirasaurus, although the species from the triassic has gone extinct, a new jurassic species has gained dominance in eastern laurasia. Standing at 10ft tall the Jurassic Gojirasaurus was in overall body shape identical to its western laurasian counterpart the Dilophosaurus. It will sometime before its descendent Godzilla to join the ranks of the kaiju guardians.


166 Million Years Ago, Middle Jurassic


With the shift in the climate the gojirasaurus as well as the other dilophosaurids went extinct, however Microgojiras managed to survive and thrive. Trading size and power for nimbleness, light crocodile-like armored scales covered its back, and thick webbed claws for swimming; allowing it to hunt for food in the river banks and avoiding direct competition of the Monolophosaurus. Meanwhile overhead Leomothra spots his edgelord brother Battra sipping from a lake. Leomothra attempts to communicate with him but Battra greets his brother with a dark energy beam to the wing, causing Leomothra to crash into the nearby mountain. Leomothra quickly recovers from his crash, he spots Battra fleeing, Leomothra shrieks to get Battra’s attention. Battra ignores him as he makes his way south. It is almost time for him and his sister’s renewal, as well as Battra.

145 Million Years Ago, Late Jurassic


Mothra and Leomothra hatch out of their egg together, Mothra turns to her brother wondering where Battra is. Leomothra lets out a soft cry, he didn’t have the answer. Though it always baffled him how Battra managed to renew himself despite being a male. Battra hatches from HER egg, with a high pitched shriek before manipulating her vocals sound more masculine like her brother Leomothra. She crawls from her cave, brooding to herself. She senses a familiar presence that causes her physical pain, it was them! King Dorat soared high above the archipelago that would become Tibet. King Dorat and his sister Desdorat patrol the islands after sensing Battra’s presence. The young ghidorahs were now roughly the size of a full grown Mothra, both of them were beginning to develop an extra set of heads from within their clavicle. Battra was feeling anxious and she fears she would have to fight them soon. King Dorat veers away from his sister as he spots a swimming Stegojirasaurus out in the middle of the ocean, a descendant of microgojiras its scrutes have evolved into small stegosaurus-like plates that lines its back in three rows, its lower jaw has grown larger to handle its specialized diet of eating large crustaceans, ammonite mollusks, and large fish. King Dorat fires its gravity beams into the medium aquatic theropod, capturing it within its beams. King Dorat cackled menacingly as it lifts the primitive godzilla out of the water, bringing the creature closer to its mouth. 

Then a giant pincer bursts out of the water, then smack King Dorat out of the sky. The Stegojirasaurus makes a quick getaway as the massive Ebirah seeks out to punish the young ghidorah. Desdorat ignores her brother as she homes-in on Battra’s location, Desdorat fires a death beam into the volcano of Battra’s island; causing it to erupt. Battra growls as she is forced to escape the cave as toxic volcanic gas begins to fill the cavern. Battra splashes into the warm tropical water. Desdorat fires her death ray at Battra. Sensing the death ray with Battra dives underwater to avoid the death ray. Desdorat roars as she loses her prey, she turns her attention to her brother King Dorat as he fires a concentrated gravity beam into Ebirah’s eye, allowing himself to escape back into the air. Desdorat nips her sibling’s neck for not helping her. King Dorat retaliates against his sister before the bickering siblings before reporting back to their older brother.

Battra resurfaces to breath, she turns her head to her home island, the erupting volcano makes it completely uninhabitable. She growls before swimming off to a neighboring island to rest. 


100 Million Years ago, Early Cretaceous


A Fukuiraptor prowls the black beaches of infant Japan in search of food. It spots a beached kronosaurus lying helplessly on the black sand, the fukuiraptor charges towards the suffocating marine reptile before hearing an angry roar bellowing from the open ocean. The Fukuiraptor then spots reverse shark fin-shaped dorsal plates burst from the water, the fukuiraptor makes a hasty retreat when the larger Spinogojiras rises out of the water; The spinogojiras conical teeth tear through the dying kronosaurus, its blood soaks the black sand.



RespectedMember1538 XPMar-03-2021 4:54 PM


That was very cash money of you.


2KMember2626 XPMar-04-2021 8:29 PM

What do you think of the story so far, any questions?


2KMember2626 XPMar-08-2021 12:56 PM

Okay on my way to write the next chapter, which Kaiju would you like to see in the Late Cretaceous Peroid?


RespectedMember1538 XPMar-08-2021 12:59 PM




That was very cash money of you.


RespectedMember1538 XPMar-08-2021 1:00 PM

The actual Godzilla, btw.

That was very cash money of you.


2KMember2626 XPMar-08-2021 1:04 PM

well I was going to wait for the actual Godzilla to appear in the cenozoic since my Late Cretaceous Godzillasaurid typically looks like Zilla (I always favor Zilla being a basal Godzilla)

I might rename Zilla to Primitive Godzilla


RespectedMember1538 XPMar-08-2021 1:07 PM

Okie Dokie.  I'll wait.

But what about Rodan and Gorasaurus?

That was very cash money of you.


2KMember2626 XPMar-08-2021 1:10 PM

RODAN and GOROSAURUS #confirmed


RespectedMember1538 XPMar-08-2021 1:13 PM


That was very cash money of you.


2KMember2626 XPMar-09-2021 6:18 PM


66 Million Years Ago, Late Cretaceous
13 hours before K-Pg extinction

King Ghidorah sheds the last remains of his dorat skin, sharp scaly barbs replace his green mane, his wingspan grew to an impressive 175 meters. His main head matured into a cold and calculative being while his right head became highly aggressive as it matured while his left head retained a lot of his childhood immaturity. He looks over to see his sister Desghidorah shedding her dorat husk as well, like him each one of her heads had distinct personality, her main head’s persona was the same as always; dominant while her two side heads were submissive to the main one. Unlike her younger brother, Desghidorah body grew too bulky to remain bipedal forcing her to walk on all fours while her spinal wings grew larger to compensate for her added weight. The two ghidorah sized each other up, King Ghidorah snapped his jaws at his sister to intimidate her. She retaliated with a death breath to King Ghidorah’s chest, pushing him backwards several yards. King Ghidorah fires his gravity beam into his sister, pushing her back several yards. The two quarreling ghidorah are both hit by a keizer gravity beam, their older brother Keizer Ghidorah in his monster x form asserting his dominance as he stands over them. The ghidorah begins to generate a storm which now blankets the late cretaceous japanese grasslands.

A loud shriek fills the air as the titanic pterosaur Rodan makes their way to the Ghidorahs, below them is a pack of abelisaurid Gorosaurus; also making their way to the space dragons. King Ghidorah grins with all three of his heads in anticipation, while Desghidorah takes to the skies to confront the rodans. Keizer turned his attention to the east as a herd of Anguirus came stampeding towards them. The recently evolved mantid Kamakuras bursts from the treeline as they beeline towards Keizer like a swarm of angry bees. From the coastline came the spinosaurid Chitanosaurus, it hisses to announce its presence before charging past a herd of Titanosaur sauropods. King Ghidorah fires his gravity beams into the Gorosaurus pack sending them gliding across the plains. In the air Desghidorah fires her death beams into the rodan flock, some of the rodan come crashing down into the fertile grasslands. Keizer fired his keizer gravity beams into anguirus herd causing them to collapse into the ground. Keizer then focuses on the swarming Kamakuras, the kaiju mantids leap onto Keizer’s humanoid form, slicing and biting at his tough hide; Keizer crushes, squishies, and vaporizes the offending insects.

Chitanosaurus snaps its jaws, a loud sonic echo booms across the grasslands but it had no effect on the Ghidorahs. The Chitanosaurus opens his tail fan as he then counters the Ghidorah generated storm. Chitanosaurus growls in an act of intermediation, King Ghidorah races across the ruined plains on his wings with Desghiodorah in the sky as his back up while Keizer sits in the back observing his siblings tactics. The ground began to rumble as three rows of reversed shark fin dorsal plates burst out of the ground like a shark fin out of water. A primitive Godzilla pulls herself out of the ground as she confronts King Ghidorah, she barks to her pack which lies below the grassland surface. The rest of her pack burst out of the ground around the golden dragon king. King Ghidorah repelled the attacking Zilla, he then turned his attention to their pack leader; Ghidorah’s center head opened its jaws, a flash of light gleaned from its esophagus. The right and left heads followed suit, then King Ghidorah clamped his collective jaws shut. What seemed like a shockwave was actually a concentrated gravity beam, “GYYYAAAAAOOOOOONNNNNN” the primitive Godzilla roared as she was immobilized then lifted into the air. King Ghidorah grins sadistically as he unleashes a gravity beam volley into the primitive Godzilla; Her dorsal plates were shattered as her flesh was being ripped off of her body in chunks, blood and exposed bones ooze and jud out from the open wounds.

The last of the Deiakhan emerges from the zilla burrow, it glances around seeing the pack of fallen primitive godzillas, they are slowly dying from their wounds. Deiakhan then spots their leader being slowly ripped apart by King Ghidorah, Deiakhan’s spines glow blue before releasing his atomic breath into the golden demise King Ghidorah. The atomic energy knocked the alien dragon onto his back; freeing the primitive godzilla from her gravity beam prison. Deiakhan quickly ran to the primitive godzilla’s side, he released his bio-atomic energy into the neophyte kaiju. The primitive Godzilla hissed in pain as her dorsal was then rebuilt into a maple-leaf structure. The divine bio-atomic energy flows out of Deiakhan into the primitive godzilla, Deiakhan chirps one last time before collapsing. The primitive Godzilla slowly wakes up feeling a renewed bount of strength within her, Mothra and Leomothra finally arrive on the battlefield in their imago form. Mothra quickly tends to the primitive godzillas wounds with her divine energy, while Leomothra morphs into his fairy forms to deal with King Ghidorah. Battra arrives in her imago form, she glances at her siblings before flying directly towards Monster X. Mothra cries in protest of Battra’s hasty decision in attacking the Ghidorah’s leader. King Ghidorah slowly recovers from the atomic blast only to have his energy being sapped by a million tiny fairy mothras. Desghidorah flies in to rescue her brother, Leomothra’s fairy forms switch targets to Desghidorah. Desghidorah howls before being sealed away into a divine-crafted rocky prison, Leomothra then sends the prison down into the bowels of the earth.

Leomothra’s fairy forms all gather before merging together; Leomothra lands exhausted from his battle. King Ghidorah was filled with rage and despite his weakened state managed to hurl a gravity beam into the weakened Leomothra; Leomothra counters with his divine antenna beam. Both kaiju stared at each other contemplating their next move. Meanwhile Battra was playing a deadly game of catch the butterfly with Monster X. The Humanoid Ghidorah growing tired of Battra’s games, he suddenly stopped the chase, he fired his keizer gravity beams from his eyes into Battra’s body. Battra crash lands near her siblings, the primitive godzillas, and king ghidorah. Monster X shot a look of disapproval at his brother, he growled at King Ghidorah in ghidori, King Ghidorah had no choice but to obey, the golden ghidorah fled back into outer space. Monster X summons a large portal above the earth, a volley of meteors come striking down all across the blue planet. The Primitive Godzilla’s strength returns to her in full, she distributes her bio-atomic energy into her pack giving them the same maple-leaf shaped dorsal plates as her. She then fires her atomic breath into the sky to call the other kaiju into position. Monster X glares at the Matriarch Primitive Godzilla, the Ghidorah snarls in ghidori as he makes his declaration of war on the godzilla species.

The earth’s kaiju zerg rushed into the humanoid ghidorah, many died while some managed to hold their own. Battra filled with burning rage flies back into the sky as she barrels towards Monster X; she fills her body with divine energy, she explodes when Monster X hits her with his keizer gravity beams. Her sacrifice was not in vain as she distracted Monster X long enough for Mothra and Leomothra to change into their combat forms. The duo fly down to impale Monster X with their bladed forearms as they carry him into the upper atmosphere. Monster X frowns as he places both of his free hands on both Moth deity’s heads, he releases his keizer energy into both of them causing them to explode but this was also a distraction for the primitive godzilla pack to fire a volley of their divine bio-atomic breath into the humanoid ghidorah. Keizer Ghidorah was sent further into the atmosphere until he is sent into his own portal, the portal is then shut closed sealing Keizer Ghidorah into the void.


2KMember2626 XPMar-10-2021 6:41 AM

okay any giant monsters of undefined national origins do y'all want me to add to the next chapter?


2KMember2266 XPMar-10-2021 9:04 AM

What do you mean undefined national origin


2KMember2626 XPMar-10-2021 9:47 AM

I was being snarky about my conversation with GHman for saying kaiju is only meant for japanese people to call giant monsters


2KMember2626 XPMar-10-2021 9:30 PM

so how do yall like the story so far, is there anything I need to add or change?


2KMember2266 XPMar-10-2021 10:17 PM

No I think it’s great, but I want to rant about something tho, 

People come up with Emporer Ghidorah, and act like Tojo hasn’t done it, Keizer Ghidorah is Emp. Ghidorah here the dif of Keizer. Keizer is a Dutch surname, actually meaning "emperor" (related to German Kaiser). 

Anyway, I think this story is good. Hmmm.., I wonder what Primitive Goji would look like.....


2KMember2266 XPMar-10-2021 10:21 PM


How about King Caesar or Varanasi, or the space jellyfish thing, Dogora


2KMember2626 XPMar-10-2021 10:38 PM

Yeah I agree on the Emperior/Kaiser/Keizer Ghidorah, I try to make Ghidorah offshoots that make some amount of since like Primal Ghidorah and Dark Ghidorah are the dad and mom of Keizer Ghidorah, Desghidorah, and King Ghidorah.

Primitive Godzilla is basically Zilla with a Jurassic Park Raptor head with a paleontologically correct Dilophosaurus style snout.

Well King Caesar and Varan I'll include pretty soon since the next chapter will probably cover the Paleocene. Which as we know is starts off favoring reptiles before mammals take over towards the Paleocene-Eocene border. Dogora, we will have to wait and see.


2KMember2626 XPMar-16-2021 8:09 AM

Hey in future chapters which toho alien would you like to see?


2KMember2266 XPMar-16-2021 12:18 PM

Mogera was originally an alien (robot).

Space Godzilla you might want to wait on, and also Hedorah.

And Gigantic as well....

Maybe Orga.

or other Toho kaiju, like skeleturtle, ok not that but maybe something like, the Yog from Space Ameboa. Or Dogora.




2KMember2626 XPMar-16-2021 12:26 PM

Ah yes, Mogera will be included with my reinterpretation of the Mysterions. Iconic Alien kaiju #Confirmed

I think my next chapter should broad stroke through the Cenozoic before reaching antiquity before modern times


2KMember2266 XPMar-16-2021 12:45 PM

True, You know I realized there are far less toho alien kaiju than I thought. It seems the common idea that this is a Stereotype probably comes from mostly other media and not the Godzilla franchise


RespectedMember1538 XPMar-16-2021 12:45 PM

Is the dino era over now?

If it is, Kong's ancestors should join

and some of Godzilla's other ancestors


and Skullcrawlers

That was very cash money of you.


2KMember2266 XPMar-16-2021 12:50 PM

I prefer Mesozoic thank you very much. And yes it’s over. Interesting fact, the Mutos are mammals


RespectedMember1538 XPMar-16-2021 1:03 PM

They are? I thought they were bug-like creatures....

That was very cash money of you.


2KMember2266 XPMar-16-2021 1:12 PM

They contain internal skeletons, and have leather like skin. So yes they are mammals and also it’s confirmed by this quote, “would classify [the MUTOs] as mammals because they have flesh and bone and muscles." He stated that the MUTOs aren't literally giant insects, despite their designs being inspired by arthropods


RespectedMember1538 XPMar-16-2021 1:17 PM

Oh yeah.

That was very cash money of you.


2KMember2626 XPMar-16-2021 2:18 PM

Yes the Mesozoic is over and the Cenozoic begins.

Yes Kong's ancestors should appear around the Miocene when apes first evolved.

Godzilla still has a lot of evolving to do before becoming the modern Godzilla.

What group of mammals should the MUTO evolved from? I kind figured they were more reptilian than mammalian

Skullcrawlers like in my Gojiverse, will evolve from terrestrial mosasaurids. 

I too love the Mesozoic Era 


2KMember2266 XPMar-16-2021 2:23 PM

@Xeno, I don’t know, I just know that he said the reason they seem so weird is because they used anthropods to design mammals

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