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Allosaurus Vs. Spinosaurus (The Final EDB)

Allosaurus Vs. Spinosaurus (The Final EDB)

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Ganimes V.8

InitiateMember328 XPNov-07-2019 3:09 AM

Yep,here it is,the final EDB.This battle is beetwen my two favorite Dinosaurs,just to end it all.Also this EDB will be like the other EDBs,which means information and the battle.EDB stands for Epic Dinosaur Battles.Its The Final EDB.

The information about Allosaurus:

  • This dinosaur weighed about half as much as an African Elephant
  • It stood 16 feet tall; 3 feet taller than the average elephant
  • It was 40 feet or longer; this made it as long as 3 Hippos
  • Allosaurus means “different lizard”
  • It could move at about 20 MPH—the speed of a charging giraffe.

About Allosaurus

Allosaurus is a type of dinosaur called a therapod. This dinosaur lived about 155 million years ago—during the Jurassic Period—and probably lived in parts of the Western United States. It was first discovered in 1869 by Ferdinand Hayden and was later named in 1877 by Othniel Charles Marsh. It was named using the Greek words “allos”, which meant different, and “saurus” which meant lizard. Therefore, it’s name literally means “different lizard”. It was given this name because its skeleton was quite different than any other dinosaur found up until the time of its discovery.

Although most of the specimens of this dinosaur have been found in Colorado and Montana, there have been an increasing number of specimens found elsewhere. These include specimens found in New Mexico, Africa, Australia. Tanzania and parts of Europe.

This dinosaur was a large carnivorous bipedal predator that scientists believe preyed on the many herbivores of the time. This conclusion has been reached in part by the number of razor sharp teeth that can be found in this predator’s mouth. It had rows of razor sharp teeth that had saw-like formations on its edges. It is believed that the Allosaurus was able to attack larger predators with these teeth by using its upper jaw like a hatchet and attacking using the element of surprise.

One interesting fact to note is that the largest Allosaurus specimens may have rivaled the T- Rex in size. The size of the largest Allosaurus is approximately 16 feet tall, 43 feet long and weighed more up to 5 tons. This contrasts pretty well with the T- Rex who was approximately 13-16 feet tall, 42 feet long and weighed approximately 7 tons.

The information about Spinosaurus:

  • The meaning of Spinosaurus is Spine Lizard
  • They were the biggest carnivorous dinosaur on Earth
  • They could weigh as much as 3 elephants
  • They could stand over 6 stories high
  • They lived around Egypt and Morocco
  • They lived during the Cretaceous period

About Spinosaurus

Spinosaurus is a carnivorous dinosaur that lived in what is now Northern Africa during the Cretaceous period—about 110 million years ago. Most scientist agree that this dinosaur probably hunted both on land and in water and probably lived on a diet of both fish and small mammals. It is believed these dinosaurs floated in much the same way that modern crocodiles do; lying in wait and then using the element of surprise to hunt prey. They were first discovered in 1912 in Western Egypt by Richard Markgraf, although this original specimen was destroyed during the bombing of Munich, Germany during World War II. Since then, scientists have had to make due with studying the plaster casts of this animal.

Spinosaurus is one of the biggest dinosaurs known to scientists today. It is even bigger than the T. Rex. In fact, a Spinosaurus outweighs a typical T. Rex by about 1 ton and the next largest dinosaur—Gigantasauraus—by about a half of a ton.

There are a lot of interesting facts surrounding this large dinosaur. For instance, Spinosaurus was about 49 feet tall (comparable to a 5 story building), and weighed between 7-20 tons, or about the equivalent of 3 male elephants. It is also one of the first dinosaurs to have been identified as the first possible “swimming dinosaur”. Another interesting fact is that the Spinosaurus has a six foot long skull that was shaped much like a modern crocodiles skull. This made it easier for this dinosaur to fish. It is believed that these dinosaur’s walked on all fours when they weren’t in the water, but could also rear up on their hind legs like grizzly bears when they threatened.

They had a whole lot of different types of teeth. These included canines for ripping flesh, and an assortment of conical and grinding teeth. This was because of its varied diet which not only included fish but also may have included small mammals and other dinosaurs.

The battle begins!

A Spinosaurus was eating a Velociraptor near a cliff,he heard some noises,the noises sounded like if they were closer and closer,then,the Allosaurus appeared.The Spinosaurus roared at him to warn him to not get any closer,the Allosaurus ignored the roar and he bit the Spino's hand,the Spino bit the Allo's neck and stabbed his head.The Allo quickly pushed his enemy away from him,the Spino then charged to the Allo,the Allo dodged him.The Allo bit the Spino's tail,causing the Spino to fall down.

The Spino got back and tail swiped the Allo,the Allo spitted blood out of his mouth.The Allo then bashed into the Spino,the Spino could've fallen down the cliff,then the Allo bashed again into Spino,they both fell of the cliff.The Allo hit hit a giant rock with his head,causing him to die,and the Spino fell into a spike.The two Dinosaurs had a clash that won't be forgotten.


Reason:Both of them were strong,they both had big claws,the Spino was bigger,but the Allo was faster

"I hope,one day,i will go to the U.S.A..."

Ganimes V.8,December 10th 2019

5 Responses to Allosaurus Vs. Spinosaurus (The Final EDB)


ConversationalistMember1407 XPNov-07-2019 6:23 AM

RIP that one Velociraptor XD

anyways, n0ice.

Sad there'll be no more.

Give orange me give eat orange me eat orange give me eat orange give me you

Ganimes V.8

InitiateMember328 XPNov-07-2019 7:01 AM

Im sorry i could not make more,i don't have time,and im busy with school,i hope you guys understand.

"I hope,one day,i will go to the U.S.A..."

Ganimes V.8,December 10th 2019


RespectedMember1789 XPNov-07-2019 10:15 AM

I'm imagining Iron man's funeral being EDB's funeral.

Zwei Wing is the best singing duo. Change my mind.

Ganimes V.8

InitiateMember328 XPNov-07-2019 11:04 AM

The End.

"I hope,one day,i will go to the U.S.A..."

Ganimes V.8,December 10th 2019


ContributorMember968 XPNov-08-2019 9:51 AM

Well, it was fun while it lasted.

Awesome fight.

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