DBG: Neovenator vs Skorpiovenator

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InitiateMember285 XPJul-12-2022 9:38 PM



Neovenator by cisiopurple on DeviantArt

Length:7.6 Meters

Weight:1 Ton

Height:2.5 Meters

Although said to be the Lion of England, It is still mostly in the shadow of Allosaurus. Despite being a tiny bit smaller it is still a medium sized predator with a unique killing technique. They hunt unusually large prey like Iguanodon and the smaller Mantellisaurus. Most Neovenators have black stripes going on its back with a red striped nose. Very rare specimens have a blue striped nose.


Skorpiovenator by cisiopurple on DeviantArt

Length:7.5 Meters

Weight:1.67 Tons

Despite being large, Skorpiovenators are not really the king of South America, That title either goes to Mapusaurus or Giganotosaurus. Despite that, It has jaws that are used to grip. Despite its weight it only eats Sick Small Argentinosaurus and Baby Argentinosaurus when the adults go away. Skorpiovenators have red bumps on its neck to its tail, Like almost all abelisaurs it has small arms.


A lone Neovenator is eating a Mantellisaurus corpse, The smell of decaying meat covers the area. Blood covers the Neovenators jaw. A storm happens to start, Rain water drips furiously over the horizon. A Skorpiovenator fled into the territory of the Neovenator. The Skorpiovenator decides to eat the Iguanodon corpse inside of the territory. The sounds of meat squishing disturbs the Neovenator. He walks around his territory, Only to spot the Skorpiovenator. As he roars furiously for trespassing on his territory, The male Skorpiovenator responds by charging to bite. The Neovenator uses its speed and dodge. But it was the Skorpiovenators plan, After he dodged it, The Abelisaur locks its jaws onto his neck. He roars in agony but he takes the chance and slashes the Abelisaurs neck, Releasing the deadly grip.


He seeks the opportunity and bites the neck of the not noticing Abelisaur. The razor sharp teeth slices the Abelisaurs neck causing tremendous bleed. The Abelisaur kicks him, Tripping the Lion of England. Before the Abelisaur could finish it, thunder strikes the area. Scaring the Abelisaur.


He seeks the chance and slashes the Abelisaur furiuosly. The Abelisaur ultimately bites onto his tail, Damaging the allosaur. Another thunder strikes, Both stopping their attacks. The much faster Neovenator strikes first and bites onto the Abelisaurs neck once again. This time he slashes the Abelisaur too. The Abelisaur manages to escape and clamp its jaws onto his arm. The Lion of England roars in pain. As it bites harder onto the Abelisaurs neck. The Abelisaur cant handle the pressure, It is dropped to the ground as it sees one final glimpse of the true King of England. He drags the corpse to his nest. 




It was faster, and larger despite being lighter it just had more chances of winning.

70-30 Chances of Neovenator winning is 70%.

                                                                                      NEXT FIGHT

Ahh Australia. What a nice country. OH WAIT! Looks like the Australian "Giant", Vulcanodon is squaring up agaisnt Albertosaurus the Alberta Tyrant.



11 Responses to DBG: Neovenator vs Skorpiovenator

Cool Godzilla

ConversationalistMember1410 XPJul-12-2022 11:42 PM

I searched their sizes in google and I think the vulcanodon would lose even with it's wieght and height, It was slower, and the albertosaurus was almost the size, so albertosaurus could probally jump and bite it's neck, crushing the neck bone

Cool Godzilla

ConversationalistMember1410 XPJul-12-2022 11:46 PM

Also I searched again and Alberto is half the size of vulcanodon so yea there's a chance that vulcanodon would win with size and strenght.

Cool Godzilla

ConversationalistMember1410 XPJul-12-2022 11:47 PM

Don't worry I won't say the sizes for now, I'll wait till your battle begin so I won't ruin the topic

Cool Godzilla

ConversationalistMember1410 XPJul-12-2022 11:54 PM

Also could you make a battle about Giganotosautus vs Spinosaurus, Spinosaurus might lose to it's weaker bite force, but Spinosaurus was the largest meat eating dinosaur.


InitiateMember285 XPJul-13-2022 4:43 AM

I will make Giganotosaurus vs Spinosaurus at some point in the week :)


InitiateMember285 XPJul-13-2022 4:48 AM

OOPS! Sorry for the mistake! I meant to say African "Giant" not Australia!


2KMember3641 XPJul-13-2022 10:29 AM

I haven't seen a Dinosaur Battle on this website in forever



InitiateMember285 XPJul-13-2022 4:19 PM

Yeah, Pretty much I am the one reviving it.


InitiateMember285 XPJul-14-2022 8:30 PM

neo and skorp


InitiateMember285 XPJul-14-2022 8:30 PM

neo and skorp


InitiateMember285 XPJul-14-2022 8:30 PM

neo and skorp

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