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I am writing a book.

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ContributorMember634 XPOct-10-2021 7:07 PM

as you can tell from the title, i am indeed writing a book!

its going to be called: obscure dinosaurs: a somewhat light-hearted encycolopedia of prehistoric life you´ve never heard of before.

the book will touch on obscure prehistoric life to raise awarness on the affor-mentioned obscure prehistoric life.

when the books finished (unknown) i will self-publish it for about 12$. of course ill publish the full book in a article here so you guys can read it for free ;)


i hope you support it and if you can manage find a publisher who will publish the book and send the link in the comments below i will greatly appreciate it and you will get a shoutout in the finished book. good luck!



9 Responses to I am writing a book.

Gojira Forces (Lim Chen Xi)

ConversationalistMember1178 XPOct-10-2021 7:27 PM

Good luck with the new book you are writing, I can't wait to buy it!


ContributorMember634 XPOct-10-2021 7:37 PM

I predict it to come out between 2022-2025 considering that i am pretty busy with stuff such as school,family activities and lots of other stuff.


ContributorMember634 XPOct-10-2021 7:50 PM

ill also be posting the rough drafts of some of the chapters so you guys can give advice for inprovements-changes to the book. so look out for those! 


ContributorMember634 XPOct-10-2021 8:36 PM

finally every week or so ill post updates for the book.

look out for those to.


(i could,ve just put all this in the article.... but i DID,NT. hm)


ContributorMember685 XPOct-11-2021 5:20 AM

That's awesome, Good Luck!

"Neither beast nor man, something monstrous."


2KMember2686 XPOct-11-2021 8:58 AM

Have a good time! Work on it when you enjoy it is my advice.


"I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer.”  


ConversationalistMember1406 XPOct-11-2021 9:10 AM

oooh book

Give orange me give eat orange me eat orange give me eat orange give me you


2KMember2935 XPOct-11-2021 5:55 PM

cool, good luck on your book



ContributorMember634 XPOct-12-2021 9:23 AM

thank you!

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