My top 10 Dinosaurs

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NoobMember79 XPDec-07-2022 4:53 PM

10. Eotriceratops

I love its name and I love the fact that it was possibly bigger than Triceratops and yet I only heard about it this year.


9. Nanuqsaurus

I love how it lived in the arctic and the name meaning is awesome too


8. Olorotitan

Again, I love the name, as well as its crest. Prehistoric Planet made me love this Dino


7. Qianzhousaurus

I love how different it was from other Tyrannosaurs


6. Baryonyx

I love the fact that it was found by a dog and that it ate fish, which isn't exactly something you picture Dinos doing


5. Sinosauropteryx

I love this Dino because it's really cool that we know what colour it was


4. Parasaurolophus

I love the crest! That's all I'm going to say


3. Utahraptor

I love the fact that it was pretty much a bigger meaner Velociraptor, and its sickle claws are awesome


2. Latenivenatrix

How could you not like a Dino with a name like that


1. Dakotaraptor

I've only just really started getting into this Dino, but I love it already. It was like a slightly smaller, more agile and faster version of Utahraptor. Plus it lived alongside T Rex and Triceratops which is super cool. It was also (many people may not know this) the fastest carnivorous Dinosaur, reaching speeds of up to 66 km/h


Thanks for reading and pls let me know what your favourite Dinos are in the comments


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2KMember4041 XPDec-08-2022 12:44 AM

10. Ankylosaurus

Because I saw one in action on an old GI Joe cartoon episode back during the 90s and didn't know its name until much later. I originally though its name was Packomeback but that was me 5-6 year old me misunderstanding what the GI Joe characters were actually saying "Its Pat, come back!"

9. Triceratops

Love these dinosaurs ever since the sick triceratops from Jurassic Park.

8. Stegosaurus

I remember calling these guys Stickosauruses when I was 4-5ish

7. Nasutoceratops

One of my newer favorite dinosaurs, thanks to Battle at Big Rock and Jurassic World: Dominion.

6. Giraffatitan

Originally this spot was for the Brachiosaurus (and in spirit still is) but the brachiosaurus species I grew up with since the 90s was the African species which had unfortunately renamed after being assigned its own genus

5. Carnotaurus

Originally the Carnotaurus was my number 4 but had changed in recent years, I originally didn't know its name as a Kid and always thought their horned look made they look like dragons.

4. Allosaurus

Originally my number 5 but the allosaurus went up a rank thanks to Jurassic World: Battle at Big Rock and Jurassic World: Dominion

3. Tyrannosaurus

When I was a kid, Tyrannosaurus was my number 2 until 2001. Despite being placed at Number 3, the T. rex is still King of the Dinosaurs.

2. Dakotaraptor

Originally this was the Velociraptor (originally placed at number 3 pre-Jurassic Park III) before changing it to the Utahraptor around the early 2010s, then in 2015 I discovered the Dakotaraptor which was roughly the same size and was discovered in the same dig site area as the Jurassic Park movie Velociraptors.

1. Dilophosaurus

I loved this dinosaur ever since the original Jurassic Park, disappointed when I found out the movie interpretation wasn't how it really looked like when I was about 10. But I grew to love the real-life Dilophosaurus the older I got



InitiateMember327 XPJan-03-2023 3:50 PM

Heres mine:

10. Jobaria

Pretty cool sauropod from Africa, also I like tall dinosaurs.

9. Giganotosaurus

I wonder why I put Giga on 9th? Its because I like it but I have other dinosaurs to rank.

8. Allosaurus

Another one? Why do I put Allosaurus on 8th? I like it better than Giga.

7. Kentrosaurus

Wooo!! Herbivore Power coming in at 7th! Its just really cool and I have one friend named Kent.

6. Chasmosaurus

Okay so frilled dinosaurs are really cool and awesome like Chasmosaurus. I just really like it due to its frill.

5. Yutyrannus

I'm a cold and winter person. And Yutyrannus really explains it.

4. Tyrannosaurus

The King of The Dinosaurs lands right on the 4th spot. Its cool and its just really nostalgic to me because of the original Jurassic Park.

3. Suchomimus

I learned about this guy because of Baryonyx and he  just seemed really awesome and flashy. I also really like playing Jurassic World Evolution and Evo 2.

2. Acrocanthosaurus

I put Acrocanthosaurus at number 2 because Acro is just really really cool and its really just amazing to me when I found out about it.

1. Mapusaurus

Wooooooo! Argentina for the win! Mapusaurus has  been my all-time favorite dinosaur. Its just really awesome and cool that it hunted the biggest dinosaur of all time. Also congrats to Argentina on winning the world cup.


NoobMember79 XPJan-04-2023 5:28 PM

Cool! Great list. And yes, well done Argentina.

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