Gamera Chronicles Chapter 15: Gamera and the Call of Cthulhu

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MemberInitiateSep-01-2022 4:48 AM

Original idea by Kamoebas V.6

Inspired by Godzilla Extinction


Gamera stands next to the dead body or rather broken machine MechaGamera. More of questioning how he survived instead of how he destroyed it. Gamera leaves Antarctica to head for a more warm place.

Location: Mexican Coastline

Gamera rests along the beaches of Mexico, thinking of were life will lead next, focusing on what will oppose him. Gamera wants to achieve something outside of his survival and destroying the Xakoa Aliens which at this point seems impossible. He does not need morals to make decisions although, only something needs to oppose him to trigger an action. It seems that every time he tries to make progress to an actual goal something comes and ruins it all and puts him under a moralistic label by what he is coexisting with. Gamera considers setting a goal on destroying the Xakoa Aliens but not letting anything stop it, evading the problems and obstacles and only facing them head to head if it is necessary. He decides on that and chooses to rest for the night.

Location: R’lyeh, the sunken city

Inside a huge gate with a gate only opening when certain cir***stances are met lives an otherworldly presence, that of Cthulhu’s. A creature who’s head resembles an octopus, wings that of a dragon and webbed fingers and eyes that can break minds with only stares. He waits for the stars to be right before his gate is opened which is approximately in 3 days. He only wants to leave and extend his presence and extend his cult to ease the process. It would have been easy had  the stars actually been right. He is not the only presumed great old one coming out in a short term of days.

Location: Innsmouth

Robed humanoid creatures are praying and making sacrifices near a giant monolith like tower. They finally stop praying and look at the tower only for an amphibious like humanoid to rise and grab the tower, the creature is huge and only has a tail with no legs to support it. The creature is infact Dagon, one of the deep ones, a race of amphibious humanoids who are large in size and have a cult in Innsmouth made just for them, rituals and sacrifices are carried out for them. Dagon is one of the Deep Ones to be finally let out into the Earth’s lands and seas. Dagon proceeds to dump himself into the sea and moving out into the waters searching for a worthy meal to suffice it’s hunger.

Location: Secret Government Base

At the Secret Government base stationed somewhere in California, the different divisions are talking about potentially a weapon made against the reported Kaiju.

-All we need is a giant weapon, Greg.
-Ooof can we stop arguing about this? I heard we got the carcass of the dead giant red kaiju.
-Code name Titanosaurus, it seems that we can use artificial organs to make it alive again sort of, the neck has a huge hole in it and it also just has a hand missing.
-Well do we just sort of fix the neck by giving it an artificial throat and other organs?
-Yes Greg, the arm can just be used as a cannon. Or we will put an arm with missiles that act like the fingers. So it will the surprise the opponent per say.
-Well we could also integrate some sort of eye cover with better vision, that could also launch energy beams cause we did that before didn’t we?
-We were also planning on a plasma launcher that connects to the artificial throat Greg. You are just guessing what we planned.
-Cool but for what reason are we even making this.
-It’s to defend against Kaiju, those that we know of.

-Is it also against that one, Gamera?
-That one we helped and also were against. It seems that it was pretty nice to us but we were forcing it to battle captured Kaiju like Kamoebas that one time, this is none of my interest as both of us are from the science division. However Gamera seems more mad that we allied with those Aliens.
-But wait, since we are “repairing” Titanosaurus his brain still functions the same and also has the same mind and memories?
-Yes, however he probably will only work with huge amounts of energy so his time being “awake” is limited.
-Hey the boss called us for the division meeting.
-Sure, let’s head out.


1 Day has passed…

Location: Texas, United States of America

A Xakoa Alien scout ship and commander ship are moving in on a huge group of humans to abduct and genetically modify them so they can be similar to their Xakoa race, in hopes of extending via mating. The scout ship is starting to pull one of the humans up with a magnetic like pulse that can pick up things. But it is blown up by a fire ball. Gamera appeared out of nowhere and charges in on the commander ship. It is cut in half by the charging Gamera. As it falls down, more scout ships and fighter ships arrive. Gamera flies up to grab two of the scout ships. Gamera then flies to a fighter ship and crushes it in between the two scout ships. The Xakoa Alien Mothership from far away sends a signal for the fighter ships and scout ships to get out of there. But Gamera proceeds to blow up 3 more scout ships with a barrage of fire blasts. The fighter ships start leaving but Gamera manages to catch one and he crushes it to the ground. Feeling that he completed his objective today. He leaves for the hollow earth.
Location: R’lyeh, the sunken city

Hooded humanoid creatures start to pray and proceed to start a ritual. Where they sacrifice weird flesh from what seems to be the remains of Keizer Ghidorah, a huge non-carbon based creature. The flesh and human victims are sacrificed for their deity, although not being one, Cthulhu. The rituals are made to “shorten” the time for the stars to be right.

Location: Pacific Ocean

A large sea serpent heads over to a Japanese submarine. The giant sea serpent is Manda. He grabs the sub marine and rips it in half proceeding to eat the humans falling out of the ripped submarine. He senses whirlpools and shockwaves from not too far away. He starts swimming to the location of the shockwaves to check what is causing them. The moment he arrives, he is grabbed by a huge amphibian like humanoid figure. Dagon rips Manda in half and eats him all. Although they were similar in size, Dagon was more powerful and had more strength to rip in half the serpentine body of Manda. Dagon is satisfied for the day and decides to move back to Innsmouth to rest on the tower.

Location: Secret Government Base

Progress has been made on the named “Mecha Titanosaurus” project. The body has an arm mounted with missiles to hide as fingers. And now the neck is being worked on.

-Greg can you stop putting dumb ideas on the blue print for the weapons being installed on Titanosaurus.
-Does a reactor sound dumb?
-No Greg, just that we have a different thing we want to implant in the chest, something theoretic.
-Wow so a weapon that won’t work?
-It will, we just need to hope that the theory is true.
-I hate hoping in a world like this.
-I used the wrong term, we shall wait and see if the theory is true. We aren’t the one installing the weapon. It’s not really a weapon either.

-What are we installing if it’s not a weapon? A room for VIP’s? Come on.

-It’s classified for you. You are a lower rank than me, maybe if you would take this job more seriously you would be the same rank and have access to the information, you are talented Greg.

-Oof okay sure. I will leave for the day, im tired.

-Ok, Greg. You are probably tired from being lazy.


2 Days have passed…



Location: Xakoa Alien’s secret base on the outskirts of Russia

The Xakoa Aliens are planning to create a spaceship made to use huge energy beams to defend the other ships around it. They are creating it right here in the base so it can be put into action the moment it’s finished. While the Xakoa Aliens are working on the project. The base suddenly gets attacked by a fireball. Gamera is here and he wants to destroy the base. The base initiates lockdown mode and activates their turrets. Gamera grabs 2 of the turrets and smashes them into the base’s control room. He then proceeds to blow up the hangar and also launch a barrage of fireballs into the base’s core. The base no longer has power and the core is unstable. Gamera launches one more fireball and the base blows up completely. A scout ship escapes but is grabbed and blown up by Gamera. Gamera after destroying this base proceeds to leave to rest as he just destroyed the most major base of the Xako Aliens on earth.

Location: R’lyeh, the sunken city

Cthulhu does not need any rituals anymore, or even sacrifices. The next day is the day he expands his presence amongst the universe. The hooded humanoids know that as they proceed to pray along the huge cage.

Location: Lighthouse in the Atlantic Ocean

A lighthouse worker is signaling a damaged ship to get to the coastline near the lighthouse. He watches as the boat is forced underwater. A huge amphibian humanoid reveals himself, it is Dagon. Dagon grabs onto the light house and proceeds to grab onto the giant lightbulb. He crushes it. The lighthouse then falls on Dagon as it can’t support his weight. The lighthouse worker proceeds to rush to the coast. Only to be grabbed by Dagon and to be eaten.

Location: Secret Government Base

The project is under finishing touches. The now Cyborg Kaiju seems to be alive since his heart is beating.

-So the project is finished now huh.
-Yes, Greg.

-Well what is that thing on it’s chest. It is not a core by any means.
-I cannot tell you now. We do not even know if it works either.

-Well atleast Mecha Titanosaurus seems to be alive. He did move his now mechanized jaw earlier and scanned his location.

-He is alive, he will be our defensive Kaiju for a long time i have heard from the other divisions.
-Well that is good for us.

-Oh and I will tell you tomorrow about the thing on his chest. Tomorrow you are ranking up for your work on the mechanized eyes and the vision of Mecha Titanosaurus.

-Alright. I hope it lives up to the hype yeh?

3 Days have passed…

Location: Hamburg

A Xakoa Alien fighter ship is being dismantled by Gamera, as scout ships seems to be trying to flee Gamera flies and grabs one of them, but the moment the ship is in his hands it blows up from a blast. He looks near him and spots Gyaos, his enemy from a long time ago. Gyaos flies over to Gamera as he grabs him with his legs and throws him around some buildings. Gamera retaliates by charging into the chest of Gyaos. Gyaos shakes Gamera off and launches beams at him damaging the shell of Gamera. Gamera then grabs Gyaos right leg and rips it off. Gyaos howls in pain as Gamera charges into him . Both Kaiju are now in the sea part of Hamburg. Then Gamera watches as Gyaos is dragged down into the water by an amphibian like humanoid. Gamera rushes into the water seeing Dagon ripping Gyaos to shreds. Dagon then stares and rushes at Gamera biting off part of his shell. Gamera roars in pain as his g-cells regenerate the shell. Gamera then punches Dagon with three cross punches. Then Gamera rushes into the Dagon. Dagon dodges and grabs Gamera inhaling him whole. Gamera is now inside of Dagon. Gamera proceeds to blow up Dagon from the inside. Gamera then escapes from the destroyed body of Dagon. He flees to California in America to rest.

Location: Secret Government Base

The workers are getting ready to prepare Mecha Titanosaurus to enter the hangar.

-Greg, we have gotten reports of Gamera laying down near our location. We should use Mecha Titanosaurus to befriend it and use it as also one of our Kaiju.

-For once you are wrong. Gamera seems to hunt down those Aliens to eradicate them, Titanosaurus was helping him with the battles and other stuff.

-Well Greg you are informed.

-Right now in this situation information is very important.


-Mecha Titanosaurus is prepared to enter the hangar right?

-Yes, Greg.

Mecha Titanosaurus has entered the Hangar.


Location: R’lyeh, the sunken city.


The gates of the giant cage open, with large rows of hooded humanoids praying. The huge creature Cthulhu leaves his cage. He then gets out of the water and proceeds to fly with his wings to California to start his goal.

Location: California

A large humanoid creature with an Octopus Head comes ashore with large wings. Cthulhu has come to destroy and spread his presence amongst the human race.

                           I am.. the one who knocks 
4 Replies


Member2KSep-01-2022 8:07 AM

awesome Cthulhu and Dagon? Wait what about Hydra? Dagon's mate?



MemberInitiateSep-01-2022 10:39 AM

Is titano becoming gigan



MemberInitiateSep-01-2022 10:40 AM

Is titano becoming gigan?



MemberInitiateSep-02-2022 7:34 AM

No he is becoming Mecha Titanosaurus

                           I am.. the one who knocks 
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