DBG: Albertosaurus vs Vulcanodon

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InitiateMember314 XPJul-13-2022 6:12 PM

Clash of Tyrannosaur vs Sauropod!



Length:11 Meters

Weight:3.85 Tons

A Tier 3 Herbivore, Despite being 11 Meters it is still somewhat large. Its size is almost comparable to Tarbosaurus. They can hit predators with their tails and sometimes their head but it also damages the user a little bit. They have yellow spots on their body and neck. Their head has rough scales.


File:Albertosaurus.png - Wikimedia Commons

Length:9 Meters

Weight:2.75 Tons

A Tier 4 Predator with strong jaws, They work best in groups but they also perform good alone. They hunt the very large Edmontosaurus in packs, Corythosaurus alone and Lambeosaurus also alone. They have a light brown color with sandy brown patterns.


A lone Vulcanodon begins feasting on a tree branch. An Albertosaurus, stalks its prey. Without hesitation the Alberta Tyrant charges and it bites on the sauropod, Delivering a lethal bite. With no hesitation the sauropod whips the tyrant with its tail, Releasing the grip. The Alberta Tyrant shakes it off and charges again, Only to be kicked. Again the tyrant charges, The sauropod tries to whip it, but fails as the tyrant bites its tail. It pulls the tail delivering more pain to the sauropod.


The sauropod begins to shake, the tyrant releasing its powerful jaws. The sauropod whips its tail, but the tyrant whips the tail with its own tail. The tyrant decides to bite the sauropods tail, shattering bones. The tyrant eventually lets go but bites the body of the sauropod.


The sauropod has had enough it shook the tyrant off its body and decides to kick it to the ground. The tyrant stands up, but the sauropod is about to stop on it. A miracle has happened the tyrant was able to dodge it. It bites onto the sauropods neck and crunches on it, killing the sauropod.



                                                                     Simply it just had more chances of winning, It had a powerful bite that could kill small dinosaurs immediately.

60-40 In chances of Albertosaurus winning is 60% 

                                                                                                          NEXT FIGHT

Another Tyrant is duking it out, Gorgosaurus is now facing up agaisnt Megaraptor.



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