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Rise of the Kaiju (fanfiction)

Rise of the Kaiju (fanfiction)

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2KMember2626 XPMar-01-2021 9:02 PM


Disclaimer: Most of the monsters depicted in this fanfiction are owned by Toho, Daisei, Sony/Tristar, Legendary/Warner Bro’s, TMS, and Tokyo TV.

This fanfiction is unrelated to my Gojiverse, This fanfiction will neither feature any marvel characters nor canonize all godzilla movies; it's its own continuity. I am to make this fanfiction more in-line to a proper Godzilla/Gamera storyline that draws inspiration from all eras (Showa, Heisei, Millenium, TriStar, MonsterVerse, and Reiwa) 

Creative feedback is appreciative.


251 million years ago…


A blinding flash of light raced across the mid-day skies before a terrible thunderous roar echoed across the earth. The once clear skies were now smothered in dense clouds of ash. From the Siberian traps came a bright light shooting up into the dark skies, the light exploded into a fireball; radiating like a star before taking form. Massive blinding illuminating golden wings unfurl from its metallic cocoon as the creature stretches out its three biomechanical serpentine necks to their fullest extent.

From the coasts, sharp dorsal spines burst from the watery depths. atomic fire bursts from the water directly at Primal Ghidorah. The Ghidorah recoiled for a moment before firing its gravity beams towards the coastline, the water exploded wherever the beams touched; revealing the kaiju hiding beneaths. A massive triop-like beast rose from the water, it was a Deiakhan, a radioactive deep sea arthropod that serves as earth’s balancer since the late cambrian period. Its tail spines begin to glow blue, Deiakhan flares open its mandibles as it releases its atomic beam into Primal Ghidorah. Ghidorah collectively flashes its teeth before shielding itself with its wings, the atomic energy like a great wave washes over Ghidorah’s golden form. The golden wings unfurl, ghidorah collectively flickers its tongues at its adversary. Ghidorah’s left head fires a gravity beam behind Deiakhan, Ghidorah's right head fires a gravity beam in front of Deiakhan; the guardian kaiju is tossed around like a ragdoll. Then Ghidorah’s middle head roars before commanding all to fire directly at Deiakhan’s soft belly.


Deiakhan squealed in pain as its body was being lifted out of the water by the beams, Ghidorah levitates Deiakhan closer to its trio of hungry mouths. It stretches out its weak vestigial arms to hold the triop-like kaiju onto its smooth scaly underbelly while its jaws clamp down on to Deiakhan’s soft spots. Atomic energy flows into Primal Ghidorah jaws and skin like a sponge. Deiakhan’s body makes one last spasm before recoiling into death. Primal Ghidorah took to the skies as it rained down from the sky a volley of cluster gravity beams onto the planet surface, the earth rumbled by the touch of Ghidorah’s radiant light. The following centuries and millennia the earth burned under Ghidorah’s reign; The forests were dying while many beasts lie suffocating on the surface. Every volcano across the earth has since erupted, leading to what will be called The Great Dying. The oceans were polluted with large quantities of unfrozen methane, causing the waters to become acidic which kills many marine lifeforms. Primal Ghidorah cackled at the destruction it had wrought. 


Tiny moth-like insects clinging on to the surviving trees caught in the inferno began to radiate with a blue-green light, their collective energy summoned the avatar of mother earth herself; Gigamoth. Gigamoth flared her wings, she cried out to Primal Ghidorah in defiance, Ghidorah turned its three collective heads towards Gigamoth. Ghidorah’s middle head sneared, the right head growled, the left head turned away from its siblings towards another threat; it was the beetle-like Megalon, the spider-like cephalopod Scylla, the spider Kumonga, the lobster-like shrimp Ebirah, the crab-like shrimp Ganimes, and a swarm of the dragonfly-like Meganulons come to Gigamoth’s aide. The meganulons kamikaze into Ghidorah, the three headed space dragon disintegrates most of the swarm before Kumong spits its web around the left and center head, sticking them together. Megalon charges in prematurally as Ghidorah’s right head is still free, Ghidorah open’s its jaws, a flash of light radiates from within its jaws before blasting the beetle kajiu apart with its gravity beam. The right head turns its attention to free its siblings, Gigamoth seizes her chance, she digs her bladed forearms into the right head’s neck  decapitating it. Gigamoth makes a speedy getaway before turning back around to finish off its sibling heads; the middle head fires its gravity beam into its left head, tearing away kumonga’s webbing as well as obliterating lefty’s head. Ghidorah fires its gravity beam into Kumonga, obliterating the spider kaiju. Gigamoth barrels towards Ghidorah, to strike at its last remaining head. Ghidorah ignoring the other arthropod kaiju focuses on Gigamoth, its sibling’s headless necks began regenerating their heads. Gigamoth flares her antenna, a beam of energy fires out of them, the regenerating ghidorah sibling heads bursts into goo. Ebirah clamps its pinchers around Ghidorah's left leg while Scylla wraps her tentacle mouth around the right leg. Gigamoth prepares to slice off the middle head, she cries in anticipation. Primal Ghidorah fires its gravity beam into Gigamoth, the beam sent her flying backwards, in due haste Ghidorah flapped its wings hard to gain lift off despite the efforts of scylla and ebirah, Gigamoth fired her energy beam into Primal Ghidorah as it took to the skies. Scylla and Ebirah release themself from Ghidorah’s leg before falling back into the water. 


Primal Ghidorah flees back into the dark cold void of space. Gigamoth landed on Deiakhan’s carcass, she nudged the fallen kaiju to awake. Deiakhan remained motionless, the volcanic fires burned the sky, rivers of molten magma flow to claim Deiakhan’s remains. Gigamoth quickly returns to the skies, she cries as she releases her divine energy over the planet earth. For one million years, Gigamoth spent her energy repairing the damage Primal Ghidorah has brought to the blue planet. A new dawn sets up on the Earth, the Permian period as well as the paleozoic era has now ended, the dawn of the Triassic and the beginning of the Mesozoic has begun. Gigamoth softly lands on a mountain overlooking a great valley. Tiny diictodon leave their burrows as vegetation returns to the surface. Gigamoth will spend the remainder of the Triassic recovering from her wounds, for the time for Ghidorah’s return will come again and she doesn’t know if she would be strong enough to stop them.

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2KMember2266 XPApr-19-2021 11:12 AM

What’s this glitch?


2KMember2626 XPApr-19-2021 1:48 PM

ah there it is


2KMember2626 XPApr-21-2021 12:27 AM

It's been four years since the xiliens unleashed SpaceGodzilla onto the Earth. Since his awakening he has demolished many cities, though if it weren’t for earth’s kaiju he would have long conquered the earth. M-COM meanwhile made leaps and bounds in improving the EDI chances against the xilien threat however Matango infestations still prove difficult to eliminate. Although some of earth’s Kaiju are more than willing to fight alongside humanity, there are many that don’t. Kamacuras migrate far from the monster island archipelago into India, Indonesia, and Australia. Meganulon also hailing from monster island migrated westward being led by their queen Megaguirus.

M-com HQ, July 30th 2009

Scientists and engineers have been working around the clock to develop new anti-kaiju technology as well as a cure for the Matango fungus that has spread across the globe. Joseph Brody was busy designing a way to harness M-Energy from the cells of kaiju. Sandra always constantly finds herself arguing with Joseph over the ethics of using the kaiju’s energy as an alternate fuel source. Their son Ford had since become a member of the M-COM advanced OPs team, their mission to search and destroy Xilien strongholds that have cropped up since the invasion. “Why shouldn’t we use their energy, how long do you think they will remain as our allies? Sandra we must think of the future, once the xiliens have been repelled from earth. Who knows if creatures like Godzilla wouldn’t see humanity as their next targets” Joseph rationalized.

“It seems to me like a betrayal on our part to harvest these magnificent creatures as if they are a resource...” Sandra retorted.

The door opens, the two couples see their son escorting a japanese man and a young japanese woman. The japanese man smiled at the two couples, “Mr. Brody and Professor Brody, my name is Dr. Ishiro Serizawa and this is my daughter Dr. Akane Serizawa, we have been transferred from the japan division to your science team overlooking the kaiju biological studies” he offers his hand to Joseph. Joseph shook his hand reluctantly, wary of new transfers, “If you are here for Dr. Valen, I'm afraid she transferred back to germany. Something about studying roses, she didn’t make it very clear…”

“We are here to replace her, hence our transfer to your division” Akane Serizawa added, “You will find our extensive knowledge on the kaiju, educational” She pulls out a USB stick. She sticks in to one of the computers, the big screen monitor began to display all do***ented kaiju done by the japanese kaijuology division. Images of Godzillasaurus japonicus, the pacific godzilla and the Parazillasaurus americanus, the atlantic godzilla appear on the massive monitor. “Gojira and Jira, two apex predators among the kaiju. Both species operating in its own hemisphere have once been theorized to be rivals, however with the xiliens invasion change our beliefs in this theory” Ishiro nodded to his daughter to change the image. “However a Gojira and two Jira have been found in Argentina cooperating together”

“Could it be that the arrival of the xiliens changed their natural behavior?” Professor Brody asked.

“That is what we once thought, however with both gojira and jira being too elusive for study we cannot be certain, for now all we can do is make assumptions and conjecture on the subject matter.”

Year, 2011

Meanwhile in Japan. The island nation has since splitted into Western Japan and Eastern Japan since the awakening of gojira in the fall of 1954. Western Japan has since embraced the nationalistic party values and in countering the west they devealoped the organization called G-FORCE while Eastern Japan has joined the EDI and is a staunch supporter of M-COM. G-FORCE, unlike M-COM, seeks to eliminate Godzilla and other kaiju while M-COM seeks to quell the kaiju from attacking human settlements. Then came a third faction, born out of the several kaiju cults with a generous donation from a secret donor, ARISE was established in Hokkiado, Japan.
In order for Western Japan to gain energy dependence from its neighbor, G-FORCE has developed an alternate energy source by utilizing the retrieved from the cells of kaiju..specifically Godzilla. However G-energy also had a severe drawback since scant remains of the first godzilla to come ashore have all been utilized in the first couple of G-Energy generators, it's nearly impossible for them to construct more without harvesting a living godzilla; So other forms of power were used as supplemental energies sources then there is the other drawback; hungry g-energy seeking kaiju.

Osaka, Japan.
It was a clear beautiful day when xilien ships don’t show up to make a mess of things. Out on the coastline in the osaka bay, a large black and golden head bursts from the waves. “Shhhreeaaaaaonnnngkkkk” Battra cries as she inches her way closer to shore. Several destroyers try to block her path but are quickly sunken by her dark divine hornbeam. An aircraft carrier is all that stands in her way, she capsizes the massive ship with her gerth. A xilien ship pops into the sky, this only seems to agitate Battra further. Battra fires her beam into the triangular ship, the ship briefly lights up before being engulfed in an explosion of fire and shrapnel. Battra snorted as she made her way up from the shore into the city of Osaka itself. Nothing could stop her onslaught, no tank, aircraft, or ray-dish truck could keep her from reaching the Osaka G-Energy Silo. The Western Japanese Neo-Imperial Army unleashed their newest weapon, Super-X. A roughly turtle-shaped wingless aircraft armed to the teeth with conventional missiles, cadmium missiles and a few laser cannons.

The Super-X launches from its secret hangar, gliding above the city of Kyoto, the Western Japanese capital. Super-X arrives in Osaka within minutes at mach 1 speed. “Target locked” the onboard computer announces to the Super-X crew, “Batora is in our sight” confirms the gunner, “Captain Ikari, weapons ready. Orders?” the gunner looked over to the captain. “Fire all missiles at batora, kill it” Captain ikari ordered. Panels slide open as a volley of missiles fly out of their holdings towards their designated target. The first couple of missiles miss their mark with the second volley smashing themselves into Battra’s body. “Shhhreeaaaaaonnnngkkkk” she screams in agony. Her golden horn illuminates as she fires her dark divine beam in retaliation at the flying missiles. The missiles prematurely detonate as the beam touches them. “Batora lives! Captain, what should we do?” the gunner looked over to the captain. “The mission hasn’t changed, kill it! Fire the cadmium missiles” the captain commanded. Another panel slides, exposing the cadmium missile warheads to the fresh salty osaka air. Battra takes cover behind a skyscraper, the missiles smash into the building. “Cease fire,” Captain ikari ordered. “Lieutenant Ayanami, take us around the skyscraper” the captain ordered his pilot, “Batora will not escape us this time” The super-x flies around the skyscraper, “negative, captain, Batora is not in sight” The pilot looked over at her captain. “Look! Batora, Batora!” the navigator points up at the window, the crew spots Battra scaling the skyscraper. “Fire cadmium missiles...” “Shhhreeaaaaaonnnngkkkk” Battra growled at the Super-X as she fires her dark divine beam into it. The Super-X is shoved backwards as it fires its cadmium missiles wildly, completely missing Battra.

The crew of the super-x barely caught the glimpse of Battra’s eyes illuminating aggressively. Battra’s horn illuminated as arcs of electricity dance across the horn’s nobs. Battra’s body began to pulsate as her body illuminated a bright reddish glow. “Shhhreaaonngkkkk” she growls as her first three pair of legs began to extend from her worm-like body. The other legs are absorbed into her abdomen, a dual pair of moth-like wings rapidly grow from her thorax sporting her colors of primarily black and red with streaks of yellow. Two additional golden horns grow out from the top of her head as her tusks grow smaller. “Batora has transformed, Fire laser cannon” captain Ikari commanded. The Super-X powers up its laser cannon. Battra sensing the energy build up pushes her six legs off the skyscraper as she flies off into the osaka skyline. The super-x fires its laser cannon into where Battra once stood. Battra fires her dark divine beam into the insolent aircraft. Super-X spirals out of control until it crashes into the streets below as Battra flies back around. The Super-X crew scramble to escape the craft, “Shhhreeaaaaaonnnngkkkk” Battra howls as she begins charging up her tri-dark divine hornbeam. The Super-X crew barely managed to crawl out of the shell-shaped craft, “Go, go!” Captain Ikari shouted as the pilot and the navigatorator ran for their lives. “Captain Ikari, go on without me, I’ll never make it” the gunner cried. “I’ll tell your family, that Hideki died honorably for his country” Captain Ikari saluted his comrade before joining the two female officers. Battra fires her dark divine beam into the Super-X, the western japanese super weapon explodes into a vibrant light. “Shhhreeaaaaaonnnngkkkk” Battra snarls as she disengages from the super-x’s crew. Battra flies above the G-energy silo, she growls angrily as she sees another kaiju had already begun feeding on its energy. Baragon, a horned synapsid kaiju and Varan, a varanid lizard kaiju. For kaiju they are small compared to much larger kaiju like Godzilla, they usually do not like to dwell on the surface but the scent of raw G-energy has drawn them from beyond the hollow earth. Battra furowl her anntanne as she divebombs Varan, the lizard kaiju takes to air as battra tries to attack it. Battra growls at Baragon to back off from the silo, Baragon snorts at the giant moth kaiju as she won’t give up the silo without a fight. Varan softly lands on the apex of the silo, he gnaws on the silo apex drawing up the atomic energy into his mouth. “GYOOOOAAANNNN!!!” an all too familiar roar calls out to the three kaiju, Battra remembers this roar. It was Godzilla without a doubt, “GYYYOOOO-AAAAAIIIIIIEEEEEENNNN” Battra founded the godzilla roar sounded kind of different from usually. Whas it injured? Was it dying? Something sounded off to Battra, her instincts tell her to seek it out to finish it off and eat it but there was something also telling her to avoid it.


RespectedMember1538 XPApr-21-2021 8:51 AM

Loved the introductions to the Brody family and the reintroduction of the Seriwazas.

This was a good chapter.

Kong's resurfacing soon, right?

That was very cash money of you.


2KMember2626 XPApr-21-2021 11:37 AM

Yes either in the next chapter or the chapter after next since I'm going to reintroducing more Toho kaiju


RespectedMember1538 XPApr-21-2021 11:54 AM


and you beat the MonsterVerse in terms of human characters now....

That was very cash money of you.


2KMember2626 XPApr-21-2021 12:15 PM

What did you think of the Super-X plot and the subtle NGE references?


2KMember2266 XPApr-21-2021 1:19 PM

NGE? Something seems familiar but I can’t exactly remember wut


2KMember2626 XPApr-21-2021 1:24 PM

The pilot names


2KMember2626 XPApr-21-2021 1:26 PM


2 weeks ago

Vladivostok, Russia.
Inside an ARISE underground research facility. Deep within the catacombs of the russian complex inside a massive chamber was the preserved dorsal spine of a Pacific Godzilla. The russian science teams were constantly extracting flesh samples, learning more from these samples as they slowly began reverse engineering the weapon that killed this magnificent beast. Yuri Romanov oversaw the massive project, His brother Dimitri and Vladamir stood beside him. He invited them to his chambers over a glass of vodka, “So Yuri, how close are you in unlocking Dr. Serizawa’s secrets?” Dimitri asked. “Close, very close. Dimitri, soon the oxygen destroyer will belong to motherland” Yuri reassured his brother on the oxygen destroyer’s progress. “What about the sample? What are your plans, Yuri?” Vladimir asked. “Power. Genetic Power. Imagine if we could clone our own godzillas, imagine an army of godzillas loyal to the kremlin or better yet if we could splice Godzilla's power into ourselves, man and kaiju together as one” Yuri rambled. Vladimir and Dimitri burst out laughing, “I think all we need is the oxygen destroyer little brother” Vladimir laughed harder than Dimitri, “Little Yuri, you read too many science fiction novels” Dimitri points at his brother while laughing. “Make fun all you want but I have made significant progress in this field. My Japanese scientists have already learned how to revive the sample, my dear brothers”

Dimitri and Vladimir stopped laughing as they adopted a more serious expression, “Show us little brother,” Vladimir asked, “You better not be wasting our comrade primer’s money on this smoke and mirror….” But before Dimitri could finish his sentence, Yuri signalled his asian scientists to flip the power to the generators on. The power courses through the massive cables into the lump of flesh. The maple-leaf dorsal plate flashes a blinding blue light as it comes to life. BwumBwumBwumBwum, echoes in the sample chamber, pulsating with atomic energy. “Behold the power I possess brothers. I have done it, I have brought life to a dead God! Now…” he points at scientists giving them the signal shut down the power. “He is dead again,” Yuri smiled. Dimitri and Vladimir were speechless, Yuri turned around with a huge smug grin as he looked at his two brothers awaiting their response and hopefully their approval. “Brother show us more” Dimitri asked in an almost demanding tone. Yuri smiled as he led his two brothers to the labs.

There in the first labs they could large tanks full of bubbles. “This is my oxygen destroyer formula. New and improved compared to Dr. Daisuke Serizawa’s weapon” Yuri crossed his arms. “We already know of your accomplishments with the oxygen destroyer, we want to see how your other projects” Vladimir impatiently demanded. “Ah, you see the oxygen destroyer had an odd side-effect to some sea life. Follow me” Yuri lead then into another room filled with fish tanks. Bizarre red crustaceans swim around in their confined tanks. “Shrimp, Yuri?” Dimitri asked.

“Not just any old shrimp, these are Triops. Ancient crustaceans that have been on this earth since the carboniferous period” he glanced over to see his brothers were sporting annoyed expressions, “They’ve been altered by the oxygen destroyer, so you know…”

“You’ve already told us, brother. Who cares about a bunch of tadpole shrimp, we want to see godzilla” Dimitri demanded.

Yuri frowned before smiling again, “Without further delay” he pushed open the lab doors leading into a clean room. They adorn moonsuits before entering the chamber up ahead. The flesh of the lump was oddly not decaying as expected for something that died 57 years ago. The lump was constantly being sprayed with Liquid Nitrogen to keep the red triops from destroying the rest of the specimen. They could see the safe room where the japanese scientists fled into to escape from the deadly nuclear radiation. Yuri directed his brothers to enter the safe room, he signals his scientists to turn the dorsal plate back on.

Siberia, Russia. Godzilla was hunting alongside his mate, son, and daughter for a lesser Behemoth deep in the arctic circle. A faint sensation tingled his dorsal plates, Godzilla turned his gaze south-eastward, could it be? Godzilla turned his head to his mate, the female pacific godzilla nodded her head to him. Godzilla abandoned his search for food as he made his way south-east.

The severed dorsal spine screamed out a blood chilling howl, a startled Vladimir dropped his cigar, “Is that normal Yuri?” Yuri just smiled briefly, “Losing structural integrity, shall we abort the test!” Dr. Ristuko Yamane looks over at Yuri. Yuri nodded, “Shut it down, Dr. Yamane. I think my brothers seen enough” Dr. Yamane flips open a glass case and presses the remote off button on the generators. “Power is not shutting down!” she screamed. The dorsal plate on the sample began to break down as the rest of the flesh grew softer and bloated, the generators overheating before exploding into fire and smoke. It howls one last time before the sample explodes inside the chamber, covering it in a thick puke yellow biomass. The powered doors automatically open following their failsafe directives. “Is it dead Yuri?” Dimitri asked. A heart beat echoed within the chamber, “A heart beat? Strange the sample didn’t contain a heart?” Dr. Yamane commented. The yellow biomass grew thicker as the science team and romanov brothers wandered around the chamber. There they saw a massive pink heart-like structure beating, the rest of it was attached to the yellow biomass. Behind them the biomass begins to structure itself into a pair of embryonic eyes as it looks down on them. Dr. Yamane slowly turned her head up towards the staring eyes, “Its…” she started pointing at them, “Wants us” the biomass then shot down tendrils filled with the red triops to ensnare Dr. Yamane. She screams as she is then consumed into the biomass. The Romanov brothers stare off in horror as the silhouette of the woman is broken down until all that is left is her clothes. The biomass then collects the rest of them as it slowly rebuilds its body into a massive tadpole creature.

A week and a half after the incident (Five days before Battra’s rampage)

The russian spetsnaz are sent into the facility, they search the deep underground corridors. There were signs of fighting, but no bodies were found, only blood, guns, and spent ammo cases. Small kitten-sized tadpole shrimp scurry along the ground as the spetsnaz reach the labs. The massive tanks carrying the oxygen destroyer were destroyed however the formula was not and was stored in a large briefcase. The spetsnaz searched the briefcase, the contents were all there before the team leader gave the go ahead to retrieve and send to the helicopter. The rest of the spetsnaz team pushed on through to the next lab, the room was filled with broken fish tanks. The next door leads into a now dirty clean room with the door torn off its hinges. There they saw it, a massive tadpole-like creature was resting within the chamber. Yellow and pasty was its skin color, red and blue veins pulsate across its skin. Small maple-leaf dorsal plates run down its back, weak developing legs grow from its pelvic region, and a massive frilled shark head with lidless embryonic eyes rests on the safe room. “What the hell is that thing?” one of the spetsnaz asked as they slowly approached the organism. Behind them on the wall were dozens of vaguely human shaped creatures. Their alpha leaps down behind the spetsnaz team, they open fire into its body but it remains unmoved. The creature tall and spindly, maple-leaf shaped dorsal plates poked out of its back similarly to the big creature. Its body was feminine, its face was that of a twisted form of Dr. Yamane. Her eyes were completely egg white, devoid of anything human. The bullet wounds quickly heal up as she finishes off the remaining soldiers.

“We….live….once….more….” she was forced to speak like some kind of meat puppet. What little remains of her original self is forced to watch as she moves, eats, sleeps, and communicates by orders of the big creature.



2KMember2266 XPApr-21-2021 1:33 PM

I have been waiting for this


2KMember2626 XPApr-21-2021 1:47 PM

I'll reintroduce Kong next...hopefully


2KMember2626 XPApr-22-2021 9:58 AM


The Mil Mi-24 Hind-D stood outside the Vladivostok Labs, a few spetsnaz came running out carrying a briefcase. “Sample secure, go go go” the helicopter began lift off. “What about the others?” asked the pilot. “Casualties are to be expected,” said the second leading spetsnaz, “Tell the Kremlin that Vladivostok is condemned and needs to be purged. Also tell them, ``Sample is secured, the oxygen destroyer is now ours” “Yes, Comrade” the pilot replied.

Shortly after the helicopter flew to a safe distance, the Vladivostok labs suddenly collapsed as a massive tadpole creature pushed its way closer to the ocean. A bomber flew over the horizon, its bay doors open up. The aberrations stopped to sniff the air, an atomic source was approaching them fast. The tadpole telepathically signals its aberrations to retreat into its mouth; the aberrations comply. Soon the city of Vladivostok is no more, a massive mushroom cloud erects itself in the city’s core. The nuke accelerated the tadpole’s growth into its next stage, the creature now resembled a deformed salamander crossed with a fetus. Shin Godzilla’s collective minds all cried out in pain. It has now reached the coastline, Shin Godzilla looks at his reflection to realize it had become an abomination. The collective minds of Godzilla, the science team, lab security, Romanov Brothers, and recently the spetsnaz howl in horror.

Shin Godzilla leaps into the ocean to cool itself off as the heat of the nuclear explosion has become too unbearable to withstand. Shin Godzilla directs itself to the place of its original death, the water has oxygen levels that have returned to somewhat normal levels near the surface but the further Shin Godzilla swam the thicker the de-oxygenation became. The kitten-sized red triops quickly flee Shin Godzilla’s body to absorb the oxygen destroyer’s contents. They rapidly grew to the size of a horse, they began undergoing a metamorphosis as they molted from their shells into a horrible creature, yellow glowing eyes stared menacingly at their hosts before extending their secondary jaws like a xenomorph. Shin Godzilla telepathically attempts to call them back but Destoroyah refuses; no longer needing the growing abomination, the destoroyah abandoned their host. Shin Godzilla cried as it was abandoned.

2 Days later…

Shin Godzilla arrived in Okinoshima. The tired abomination rests on the shore rocks to catch a brief nap. The inhabitants quickly discover it and scream in terror, Shin Godzilla awakens, seeing the noisy humans screaming at it. Shin Godzilla barfed up a red biomass on the screaming inhabitants to shut them up, the red substance quickly added the Okinoshimans into its consciousness. Shin Godzilla screamed in their terror as the newly conjoined minds took root. Shin Godzilla wandered the island, clumsy colliding into buildings and destroying roads as it struggles with a mental tug of war with all of its personalities. It leaves Okinoshima as it returns back into the sea of Japan, heading to its next target, Japan herself. Shin Godzilla arrives on the shores of Tottori, Mainland Japan the following morning having grown into its next stage. It’s skin took on a red hue as its fetal budding shoulders have grown into barely functional arms, it was now able to erect its torso off the ground now that its tail was strong enough to balance it. Shin Godzilla remembers or rather Dr. Ristuko Yamane remembers this was her home prefecture. Cars stopped as people fled from the sight of the red abomination, “GYYYAOOOONNN” Shin Godzilla cried. Shin Godzilla barfed up more red biomass on the fleeing pedestrians as it made its way to Okayama Prefecture. Along the way the Western Japanese Army, having long replaced the JSDF in Western Japan attacks the red abomination hoping to halt its progress. Shin Godzilla effortly destroys their attack helicopters with its tail and disseminates their battle tank battalions with its feet from there it found itself retreating into its delta before swimming back around into Osaka Bay two days later.

Battra perched on top of the G-Energy Generator attempt to communicate with the godzilla. Shin Godzilla arrived from the Osaka Bay now having developed into its fourth form, blackish tumors cover its former red skin after constantly being barraged by the Western Japanese Army. Shin Godzilla won its mental tug of war as Godzilla is firmly the dominant personality. In a nearby hospital building, Admiral Yasuaki Shindo stares out from his room at the devastation Shin Godzilla has brought. Shin Godzilla locked his blank white eyes on the building, from a distance it remembered the man’s face. Shin remembers, he was one of them humans present at his death. Shin Godzilla approached the hospital building before turning away, he was not worth the effort. The retired admiral sighed in relief, Shin Godzilla smashed his tail into the building causing half of the hospital to collapse. Shin chuckles at the Shino’s demise as he turns his attention to Battra, Baragon, Varan, and the G-Generator.
Meanwhile on Skull Island, Kong grows restless as he stares out into the blue ocean, he may not know what is going on but he could feel something terrible is about to transpire soon and he must stop it before it becomes worse. Kong bids the Iwi farewell as he begins his trek across the Indian ocean.


RespectedMember1538 XPApr-22-2021 11:33 AM

This was an amazing chapter.

I wonder what the monke senses...

and I was not expecting Shin Godzilla to make an appearance.

That was very cash money of you.


2KMember2626 XPApr-24-2021 3:01 AM


Sapporo, Hokkaido Japan. Godzilla arrives on the northern shore of the massive island. The Eastern Japanese Self Defence Force responds to Godzilla’s presence almost immediately assisted by japanese M-COM operatives. Godzilla snarls at the incoming fighter jets, attack helicopters, and experimental anti-kaiju gunships. The combined forces escort the King of the Monsters as he makes his trek down south. “General Ogata, we have Gojira in our sights, orders?” The old general in his late 70’s stares up at the viewing screen, “Do not engage unless Gojira becomes hostile, stay on course” Godzilla stumbles into the small city of Tomakomai. His feet break the asphalt roads beneath as he heads to the coastal waters. He splashes his mighty feet into the marine water, with each step the water gets deeper and deeper until he is completely submerged. The EJSDF switch to sonar to track the monster king’s whereabouts from the remainder of the his sea trek.

Oma, Mainland Japan. Maple leaf plates burst from the coastal waters as Godzilla makes his way up on land. Air raid sirens blare as Godzilla stomps his way through the city of Oma before trekking his way through the Oma wilderness into Mutsu. There he swam in the Mutsu Bay for a couple of miles as he remained half-submerged before reaching land again. There he reached Aomori, from Aomori to Akita, from Akita to Yamagata, from Yamagata he reached Fukushima. Godzilla smelled a male Muto feeding from the recently damaged nuclear power plant. The Muto flared his wings “Grrrolrolrorlrolrorlrorlrorolrol” the insect-like reptile chirp-roared at Godzilla. “GGGYYYYYYYOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNN” Godzilla roared back unamused. The muto took to the sky as Godzilla continued his trek further westward, where he stumbled into the wilderness of Niigata. From Niigata to Toyama, from Toyama across Ishikawa into Fukui. The EJSDF began to notice Godzilla’s speed began to increase as he approached the Western Japanese-Eastern Japanese border that now divides Kyoto and Shiga prefectures from Fukui and Aichi Prefectures. Godzilla stomps through the demilitarized zone as he enters the Shiga prefecture in a full sprint. The EJSDF halted their advance before turning back, wishing not to agitate the WJA forces. Godzilla avoided the lights of the cities until he reached the outskirts of the city of Kyoto. “Colonel Katsuragi! I’m getting siematic readings” one of the computer ladies reported to her superior. “Lieutenant Ibuki, do you have visuals?” the Colonel, an older woman in her late 40’s asked. “It’s Gojira!” Lt. Ibuki cried. “Send our forces, Lieutenant” Col. Katsuragi ordered. “Yes ma’am, units 3 begin your assault!” Lt. Ibuki ordered the local tank battalions to mobilize.

Godzilla wades through the buildings until he reaches the center of the city, he ignores the pathetic tank fire as his scales protect him from any real damage. The annoying helicopters shoot at him in utter futility, Godzilla growing increasingly agitated swatted one of the helicopters out of the sky before moving on to the city limits. Somewhere inside a secret hangar, pilots scramble to embark on the second and last Super Xs. The two turtle shaped crafts are soon carried onto the hidden runway before emerging from the mountains. The second Super X begins its assault on Godzilla while the final Super X bee-lines to Shin Godzilla. The second Super X unloads its payload of cadmium missiles into Godzilla, “Gyoooannnnn” Godzilla roared as the missiles exploded into his scales. Smoke fills the gaps between the skyscrapers, the second Super X switches to their laser cannon. “Cannon, ready? Fire!” commanded the captain. The Super X fires a laser into the smoke. “Gyoannnnnnnnnnnn” Godzilla growled, dorsal plates began to lighting up from the tip of the tail back to the base of his head. Godzilla inhaled before ejecting a stream of atomic energy onto Super X, the radiation shield was holding but the sheer intensity of the blast was depleting the Super X’s power cells. The Super X unloads all of its conventional missiles into Godzilla as the King of the Monsters grabs onto the craft. He flips the massive craft on to its back before unloading his atomic breath into the belly of the airship. The Super X explodes as Godzilla rips the remainder of its shell apart, “GYOOAAAANNNNN” Godzilla roars as he drops the X’s remains on to the ground. Godzilla eventually wanders into Osaka.

Shin Godzilla senses the presence of another Godzilla nearby, his dorsal plates light up purple in anticipation. He turns his attention away from Barugon, Battra, and Varan as he welcomes the new challenger. His blank soulless eyes stared up at Godzilla, the memories flooded into Shin brain. Memories of hatching from an egg, looking up at his mom and dad. Memories of being taught how to hunt manda by his parents. Memories of being nuked by the castle bravo bomb, rampaging through Tokyo, the deployment of the oxygen destroyer, his death at the cannons of american and japanese warships. Shin Godzilla roared out in pain to his father, Godzilla roared back at his disfigured son. “Ma’am, the two gojira are communicating with each other?” Ibuki stated. “Stop stalling, now's the chance! Now is our chance to destroy both Gojira!” A bureaucrat dressed in a suit with combed hair while sporting a pair of square glasses walked into the war room with his briefcase in hand. “Isn’t that what the taxpayers are paying you military dolts? Kill them now?!” he shouts. Col. Katsuragi squints her eyes at the noisy bureaucrat, “You have your orders, destroy both Gojira”

The last Super X moves in position as jets, helicopters, and tanks join in the fight. “Units 6 begin your assault! Unit 9 Begin your assault! Unit 17 begin your assault!” Lt. Ibuki kept ordering. Godzilla turned around to fire an atomic blast at the attacking helicopters, disintegrating them as the beam connected. Shin Godzilla began choking, causing Godzilla to look away from the offending humans, Shin began hacking up something fierce as he barfs up a river of blood into the streets. The blood began to coagulate into a red biomass of flesh, teeth, and eyes. Several humanoid creatures erupt from the biomass, they arose from the biomass like zombies. Ritsuko opens her dead blank eyes, she howls out her orders to attack. Shin Godzilla smashes through an office building as pain courses through its body, Shin roars as the atomic energy sporadically courses through his cells. A squadron of Japanese fighter jets fire their precision heat missiles into his spine. Tanks roll at his feet blasting apart his weakened skin. The raybeam trucks fire away their lasers as they cut swaths of Shin’s flesh into ribbons.

Shin raised his head to roar in agony, his dorsal plates light up like a city. Shin lowered his head, his eyelid now covered in a dark film as he opened his jaws. A thick black cloud poured from his throat onto the ground, the smoke quickly filled the city streets. Ristuko instinctively guides her fellow abominations to take to the skies as the black smoke gradually begins to heat up into a blazing inferno. Shin still breathing the black smoke turns it into a hot fire, that fire jet was gradually replaced with a purple beam. Shin directed the beam into all of the buildings within his sight. Bombers flew overhead to drop their payloads, Shin glared at the bombers as his spines were being ripped apart by the explosions growled menacingly. Shin Godzilla redirects his beam back into his mouth as he redirects the energy into his dorsal plates, he fires his atomic beam out of his spines but not randomly. Each beam struck at each aircraft without so much as missing. Memory fits began taking hold of Shin, but these memories weren’t his, these were all the humans he had consumed. The Romanov brother’s hatred of godzilla influenced Shin to attack his father. Shin bites into his father’s gill arcs, his arms grappling a hold of his father while directing his tail’s mouth to bite into his father’s primary dorsal plates.

Godzilla roared, his atomic energy reserves were being drained from his body. Godzilla closed his eyes as he grew weaker. Battra watched from the skies as Shin Godzilla cannibalized his father. She spots Baragon and Varan making a break for the Osaka Bay, she flies down in front of the two reptile kaiju. She glares at them with her glowing red eyes, she chirps at them condescendingly. Baragon growls in denial as does Varan. Battra furrowed her antennae as she roared at them for being cowards. Battra flaps her wings as she gained lift off, she felt something she never felt before, putting others before herself. She snorts angrily at the idea of ever being like Mothra and her brother but an idea came to her, perhaps she should...just this once. She roars at Varan and Baragon to follow her lead. Varan and Baragon reluctantly follow the dark moth goddess. Baragon roars at the Ritsuko and her Shinmen before burrowing herself underground. Ritsuko screams for her shinmen to follow after Baragon. Varan glides into Shin’s gill arcs, biting and scratching at the abomination. Battra fires her dark divine beam into the tail apex. Super X fires its laser hoping to nix Battra but insteads cuts through Shin’s tail.

Shin Godzilla’s tail’s apex snaps off. Shin released his jaws from his father’s neck as he turned to roar at battra, he pulled Varan off his gill arcs and tossed him away like an unwanted puppy. The Romanov brother’s influence, now powered by all the angry russian and japanese minds Shin had consumed, took over Shin’s body as he began to refire his atomic breath into his father. Battra flies into the beam to save Godzilla, her body catches fire as she explodes into pure energy. Godzilla’s dorsal plates began absorbing that energy, feeling a resurgence of life coursing through him, the king of the monsters stared at the abomination that was once his son. “GYOOOOAAAANNNN!!!” Godzilla roars as beams of blue light emit from his body, the beams turning red as do his dorsal plates. Godzilla spun himself around as he released his atomic heat spiral powered by his nuclear pulse into his son. The impact of the spiral sent Shin flying into the middle of the bay. Godzilla approached his son, firing another pulse and heat spiral into Shin. Shin falls on to his broken dorsal plates, Shin and the human minds he consumed cries out in pain as he tries to stand back up. Godzilla stared into Shin’s eyes, briefly Shin’s blank eyes reverted back to their normal orange hue before Godzilla roared in heavy heartily before firing his atomic heat spiral into Shin. Shin let out one final cry, his farewell to his father before exploding into a massive mushroom cloud engulfing Osaka Bay. The Western Japanese News Helicopter flew in closer to catch the footage of the mushroom cloud. The radiation is absorbed into Godzilla’s dorsal plate. The people of Osaka sigh in relief, but Godzilla turns towards the city. Fire burned in his eyes, he made the city of Osaka burn before returning back to the ocean.


RespectedMember1538 XPApr-24-2021 10:57 AM

Oh dang!!!

That was like KOTM and G'14 mashed into one.

Godzilla Vs. MUTOs, Godzilla Vs. Shin Godzilla, Battra Varan and Baragon Vs. Shin Goji, and Nuclear Godzilla Vs. Shin Godzilla and then Godzilla destroying Osaka.

This was the best chapter in the series.....can't wait to see what comes next. 

That was very cash money of you.


2KMember2626 XPApr-24-2021 11:40 AM

Yah, I was worked very hard on that chapter. I also mixed elements of GMK Godzilla into Shin


2KMember2626 XPApr-28-2021 11:29 PM



The xilien controllers watched from their mothership as their ships and warriors were quickly slain by the Earth’s kaiju. Hedorah, Gigan, and Space Godzilla were not enough to tip the balance, the controllers now look upon King Ghidorah. The massive golden three headed dragon slumbers within his ceremonially decorated containment cell. Ichi the primary head slowly opens his red eyes, he peels back his thin lips baring his sharp fangs. Ni twists his neck as he slowly arises with Ichi, San remains asleep with his tongue partially sticking out. Ichi snaps at San to wake up, the clumsy left head quickly perks right up. Collectively King Ghidorah stretches their wings but their elbows collide into the containment chamber’s walls. Ichi growls in anger, all three heads of King Ghidorah stare into the small window containing their subjects. The unjoined xilien stare in awe of King Ghidorah’s majesty while the joined just see him as an asset to be used. “Release Monster Zero!” the controller orders. The apex of Ghidorah’s chamber slowly opens, the air inside the chamber spews out of the now open roof followed by silence as without air sound cannot travel. From the outside, six red eyes peer out from the now open hatch. Ichi peers his head out first, then Ni and finally San. King Ghidorah squeezes themselves through the tight porthole before spreading out his wing span to their fullest extent. King Ghidorah cackles with joy before restraining themselves, well except for San. Ichi and Ni give San a disapproving glare before lifting themselves off the xilien mothership. They collectively see Earth below them, though at first glance they hardly recognised it since the tectonic plates have shifted somewhat the last time they were here. But another observation, glancing at the moon’s craters confirmed that this is indeed their archenemies home. King Ghidorah roars at the Earth, the false monster king divebombs towards the earth’s atmosphere.

Naha, Okinawa.

Reports from the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency report on a meteor heading towards the city. The meteor explodes over the okinawan capital, fire spreads across the sky before taking the shape of a massive golden three headed dragon. King Ghidorah roars as he announces his presence. King Shisa awakens from his slumber to challenge the space dragon, King Ghidorah grins as he accepts the local guardian kaiju’s challenge. Ghidorah rains down his gravity lightning beams around King Shisa. King Shisa roars back at the golden demise, his yellow puppy dog eyes glow with a charge behind them. Ichi, Ni, and San laugh at the canine kaiju attempt to look threatening, their cackles were cut short when King Shisa fires his eye beams into the one who is many. King Ghidorah is shoved further into the air, Ichi and Ni sneer at King Shisa no longer amused. King Ghidorah flew at neck breaking speed as he extended his talons to grab a hold of the okinawan guardian beast. King Shisa barks at the golden dragon wrapped his feet and tail around his body, King Ghidorah quickly lifts off in the air as the guardian struggles to free himself. Shisa fires his eye beams into Ichi’s neck. Ichi hissed, Ni and San quickly bit into Shisa’s arms pulling them away while Ichi charged up his gravity beam. Shisa roars definitely at the false king, he fires his eye beam into Ichi’s face blasting off his top horn and left horns. Ichi’s head jerked away, he dragged out a furious snarl. Ni and San bite harder into Shsia’s arms as Ichi begins charging another gravity beam. Shisa ears fold back, he peel back his lips flashing his canines at Ghidorah. Ichi fires his gravity beam but not at Shisa, the guardian beast’s ears perk up as he hears the screams of the okinawa people cry out for him. All three of King Ghidorah’s heads cackle at King Shisa, the guardian beast begins to whimper. King Ghidorah releases the guardian beast laughing at him as he plummets back to okinawa.

Kong washes up on the shores of Okinawa, exhausted from his long swim. There Kong spotted Shisa, he removed the rubble from the dying canine. Kong looked up in the sky and saw King Ghidorah flying away, Kong reached over to his harness made from chitanosaur hide, he pulls out a large fruit. He crushes the fruit as he squeezes the juices into Shisa’s mouth. Kong relocates Shisa’s shoulder and hip before leaving him to follow Ghidorah.

1 year later…
Antarctica, zeta ruins.

King Ghidorah landed on the frozen ancient city remains, Ichi, Ni, and San sniffed around the ancient ruins seeking away into the hollow earth. There he spots the newly constructed M-COM base, magrail trains depart and arrive from a massive chasm. Ghidorah could smell an odd energy source resonating from within the chasm. King Ghidorah squeezes himself into the chasm, his weight crushes the magrail rendering it inoperable, not that King Ghidorah cares anyway.

Hollow Earth, Antarctica region.

King Ghidorah emerges from a massive waterfall, Ichi peeks out from the waterfall first as he surveys the landscape. Ni and San are then allowed to peek through the waterfall before moving the rest of their body on through. King Ghidorah spreads his wings as he announces his presence to all the denizens in the Hollow Earth. A Warbat attempts to challenge the golden demise, Ghidorah quickly subdues the warbat before eating it alive. King Ghidorah takes to the sky, his size has no rival even among the other kaiju that dwell there.

He passes over the ruins of an ancient civilization surrounded by purple crystalline metals. King Ghidorah travels far across the hollow earth, a familiar scent caught his attention.

Hollow Earth, Japan-Kanto Region.

There trapped in an amber-like substance, Desghidorah remained. King Ghidorah lands roughly near his trapped sister. Ichi, Ni, and San charge up their gravity beams before releasing the energy into the amber-like prison. The amber began to crack under the intensity, King Ghidorah halted his attack as he noticed something began to stir within the amber. Desghidorah opened her collective six eyes. King Ghidorah collectively smiled as his sister began to hatch from her prison. Desghidorah slowly rose to her feet, she extended her wings out to their fullest extent as she cracked her three necks. Desghidorah’s middle head remained stoic, her left head flashing her teeth, while her right head began licking San for being a good boy.
Both King Ghidorah and his sister Desghidorah took to the skies as they wandered the hollow earth. Above them a bright light permeated the sky while flying continents drift above giving the plants below a form of nightfall from the burning mantle. Giant flying turtle Gamera ignored the two Ghidorah as he gobbled up the flying fish from the lake below. Godzilla-like creatures known as Jirahs and Gomess battle for territory, Jirahs while similar to the Pacific Godzilla they are distinctive due its fleshy neck frill and its orange coloration while the unrelated ceratosaurian Gomess has a large nose horn that curves downward. The Jirahs flares out its frill to immediate the Gomess, while the Gomess stands its ground while roaring back.

Desghidorah and her younger brother King Ghidorah made their ways into the deep chasm. Mount Fuji hangs in the distant background as people continue their daily lives on the streets of Tokyo. Cars slowly moved across the highways as people migrated from sidewalk to sidewalk. Bullet trains arrive and depart to and from other stations across Japan. All seemed normal. The ground began to slowly rumble, the people of Tokyo like clockwork began to assume the earthquake positions, duck and cover. The ice sheet at the mountain’s peak began an avalanche as the rock crumbled into itself. Massive black draconic wings stretched out of the caldera as three dragon-like heads arose from the dormant volcano. Desghidorah roars like a demonic elephant as she announces herself to the people of Tokyo. Behind her, King Ghidorah flew out of Fuji caldera as he took to the skies. Desghidorah growls at her brother to come back which he did. Desghidorah sniffs the air as she turns her attention to King Ghidorah, she hisses an order to him before taking off into the sky herself. King Ghidorah flapped his wings as he made his way to the center of the great city. King Ghidorah grasped his taloned feet on Tokyo Tower; he taps his massive sickle thumb toe claw as he waits for his sister to perform the ritual. M-Com fighter jets swarm the golden demise with cluster missiles. King Ghidorah directs his right head, Ni to bite down on a transformer. Ni drinks up all of its energy before spitting the metallic contraption into the streets. Ghidorah’s golden feathered mane sticks up from the static before releasing his bio-electrical energy into every nearby, the ground rumbles as buildings crumble from his prowess.

After Desghidorah has finished carving a massive pentagram into the city, she lands in the center of the pentagram, she calls out to King Ghidorah to join her. Together the ghidorah siblings fire their gravity beams into the air, the energy radiating through the ley lines of the pentagram mixes with the air and the sibling’s gravity beams. The charged gravity beams rips a whole in the fabric of space. A black void now hangs over the city of Tokyo, thunderous roars echo from within the void as four glowing red eyes stare out from the darkness. Black hands slip out of the darkness as they grab around the space-fabric, the eyes grow closer to the portal, the front set of eyes are larger than the side eyes as the monster’s snout pushes itself out of the void. Its head was predominately white with shades of dark grey covering its lower jaws, the front glowing eyes seemingly belong to this creature alone, could there be more of them? It wasn’t until the skull faced beasts pulled the rest of itself out of the void, revealing the other eyes were from half head-like structures growing from its shoulders. The creature announced its presence as it propels itself into the center of the pentagram.


RespectedMember1538 XPApr-29-2021 8:12 AM

"Japan-Kanto region"

Do I see a Pokemon reference????

That was very cash money of you.


2KMember2626 XPApr-29-2021 9:18 AM

The kanto region in pokemon was based off the real-life kanto region which is where Tokyo resides


2KMember2626 XPMay-06-2021 4:18 AM


The beast’s screams could be heard miles and miles away. Every lifeform on Earth and within Hollow Earth could feel it’s dark presence. Its neck, tummy, thighs, shins, feet, hands, and most of its tail was covered in black scales while the rest of its body was covered with bone white armored scrutes. “Monster X,” the xilien controller smiled from his starship’s window as the triangular ship now hovered above Tokyo bay. They monitor King Ghidorah’s rampage in Yokohama and Desghidorah reeking havoc in Kawasaki. The controllers mobilize their forces on their holomaps to raid M-COM strongholds hoping to reclaim their imprisoned brothers and sisters.

M-COM HQ, somewhere midwest USA

The alarms blared as the lights turned red, “ALERT!, ALERT!” The room then shook violently as sounds of explosions echoed within the underground base. Small box-shaped ships began raining down plasma fire on the guarded base entrance, the sides of the ships slid open as xilien soldiers leaped out of the transport. The soldiers fire an elastic goo-like substance at the pavement floor cushioning their fall. After landing safely the xilien soldiers now engage the M-COM soldiers, the M-COM soldiers now armed with laser weapons did their best to fight off the xiliens but the xilien’s superior plasma weaponry overwhelmed the garrison. The xilien forces quickly secured the tunnel before going down the elevators, they faced heavy resistance in the tunnels as the M-COM soldiers knew the corridors better than the xilien invaders.

Deep within the Hollow Earth, a massive primitive plant-like algae whose tendrils cover the earth’s upper mantle. Its roots and leaves emit the sun-like glow permeating the hollow earth. The roars of Monster X awakened the billion year old growth, her roars echoed within the hollow earth while her presence could be felt by all living beings that dwell on the planet including the ghidorahs. Mothra, Leomothra, and a newly reincarnated Battra felt her presence enter their minds, for a moment the three moth kaiju nearly felt as if they were one being but the moment faded. “Gaia?” Mothra cried out in screeches. Leomothra nods his head in confirmation. The two kaiju moths perform a u-turn over manhattan as they head back west while Battra leaves her nest behind in tasmania. Godzilla swims back to Japan, while Kong makes a full sprint across the archipelago with King Shisa.

M-COM Headquarters, somewhere midwest USA

“Sir, several Category 10 kaiju are converging on Japan” one of the M-com technicians reports. “List the names” Colonel Murphy ordered. “Titanopithicus kongu, Gigattacus mosura, Canileo shisa, Gigattacus battra, and Godzillasaurus japonicus! Sir, they are going to confront those things!” she shouts at the colonel. “Lieutenant Carter, can you identify the three other kaiju?” asked Colonel Murphy. The technicians scramble to pull from various sources of mythologies and folklore. “Sir, the three titans are not from any known mythologies nor folklore, they are completely unknown!” “Just like the jellyfishes and the other three aliens” Colonel Murphy sighs heavily before looking over at the surveillance video feed on the xilien prisoners. “Maybe one of them knows” he said to himself, “Keep an eye on the situation lieutenant” the colonel leaves the battle room as he makes his way to the holding cells.

“Long time no see commander” said Xichi, “It’s Colonel now”Murphy corrected the xilien. “Oh so you’ve been promoted?” Xichi asked. “That's not what I am here for” Murphy quickly changed the subject, “We have three unidentified kaiju. Alien in origin…” “Hold Commander… I mean Colonel Murphy. You think I’m just an information box you can just ask for the answers, hmm? The Dogora, SpaceGodzilla, Gigan, and Hedorah were freebies because they were inferior creatures to be used and thrown away. However you ask for information on beings of a superior nature, the trinity of our god….” Xichi interrupted. “

So you will not share this information?” Colonel Murphy asked with a hint of anger in his voice.

“No, I didn’t not say that Colonel. You just need to do me a favor, the enemy of my enemy is my friend as they say” Xichi proposed.

The colonel sighs, “That’s not always the case… So what is it?”

“I want to be free from this holding cell, I could be a valuable asset to M-COM. If you refuse this offer then you’ll never know why the Ghidorah are attacking earth!” Xichi negotiated.

“The Ghidorah? Okay, under normal cir***stances I would say to you ‘go to hell’ but these are desperate times. I’ll give you limited access to our resources and you’ll be on a strict leash, got me?” The colonel gave in, he then looked over at Xukia, “What about her?”
“We aren’t on speaking terms, we have broken our vows, untied the knots so to speak. We are but distant stars in a lonely…”Xichi explains his break up. “Alright alright” Colonel Murphy just wanted Xichi to stop talking. Colonel Murphy takes Xichi out of his containment and has him escorted in

“The ghidorah you are witnessing are the holy trinity offspring of our god, The Holy Divine God King, Primal Ghidorah. He is the God of the Void, the one who is the first of many, The Golden demise, the holy light of destruction!” Xichi praised his name, “Alright alright” Colonel Murphy just wanted Xichi to stop talking again, “So who are his kids?” Colonel Murphy asked. “King Ghidorah, he is the youngest, though he is weaker compared to his siblings he has yet to realize his full potential. Next is his sister, Desghidorah, unlike her brothers she emits a death beam instead of a gravity beam. Then it’s the oldest, Keizer Ghidorah, whose gravity beams are far more powerful than his young brothers. He is the most dangerous of the trinity.”

Tokyo, Japan

Monster X stares up at the closing portal, his eyes flash yellow before raising his arms up. A wave pulses from his forearms into the portal forcing it open, BwuamBwuamBwuamBwuam! Monster X quickly glances at the horizon as a wave of blue atomic fire envelopes the alien kaiju. Godzilla arrives in the city from Tokyo Bay followed by Anguirus, an alpha Rodan and his flock, a Chitanosaurus, Ebirah, two Atlantic Godzilla, and a teenage Pacific Godzilla. A familiar cry fills the air, Mothra and Leomothra soon join Godzilla and his entourage. Battra not too far behind in her larval form follows her siblings to the eastern japanese capital.

The xiliens in high orbit over the japanese archipelago smirk, “release additional monsters” In the xilien-nebulan hangar bay, the nebulan slaves are hard at work outfitting and prepping their Gigan warriors for combat. Gigan01 was equipped with sword arms, Gigan02 was equipped with chainsaw arms, Gigan03 was equipped with axe arms, and Gigan04 was equipped with railgun arms. The four remaining Gigans are placed in their launch tubes, the xilien controllers fire the four gigan pods towards the blue planet.
Meanwhile in Berlin, Germany

The presence of Monster X agitates Biollante. In her absence from M-COM HQ since Xukia’s attempted breakout, Biollante has since been producing Valen clones to maintain the top-secret areas of the kaiju research facility while allowing only a select few people in on Biollante’s existence but never her true identity. She has been studying the many kaiju that have awakened across the globe for a decade and a half. Dr. Valen stares at the monitor screens, observing the kaiju as they battle for dominance over territory only to drop what they were doing as Gaia’s roar reached them as well as Biollante. Valen suddenly feels an urge to leave her chair as if she were in trance; she pulls types away at her computer to unlock the emergency kaiju lab gate doors before passing out. the territorial disputes between the earth’s kaiju suddenly stopped as they began to march eastward. Valen feels her collective consciousness being merged back into a single conscious mind, all the memories of the clones become her own as she reawakens as Biollante. Valen now understood Gaia’s call, it was a call to arms to protect the earth from the old enemy… Primal Ghidorah and his offspring. Biollante slowly began to pull herself out of her chamber like an octopus with her massive tendrils, the natural light of the sun stings her human and kaiju eyes. She waits a while as her vision readjusts to the outside light before pressing on, she avoids trekking in berlin as she moves through the forests. Biollante hoped the M-COM forces would treat her like any of the sanctioned guardian kaiju all she needs to do is not provoke them.

M-COM Headquarters, somewhere midwest USA

“Sir another Category 10 kaiju has appeared!” the technician reported.

“Where from?” Colonel Murphy asked.

“Sir, Berlin Germany. Dr. Valen’s Lab!” the technician reported.

“Gigarosa biollantensis. Designated as Biollante, Valen’s pet project. Do not engage this kaiju unless provoked, if she released it she must have had a good reason for it” Murphy then glances over at an old picture of him and Dr. Eva Valen when they were college students.


2KMember2266 XPMay-06-2021 7:38 AM

Good chapter. I can’t wait to see what’s next.


RespectedMember1538 XPMay-06-2021 7:47 AM

It gets better and better I see....

That was very cash money of you.


2KMember2626 XPMay-06-2021 8:05 AM

Hey check out my new fanfiction on the alien forums


2KMember2266 XPMay-06-2021 11:10 AM


RespectedMember1538 XPMay-06-2021 11:11 AM

Cool Godzilla fan art!

That was very cash money of you.


2KMember2266 XPMay-06-2021 11:17 AM

that’s The Goji in ROTK, Xeno and I named it


RespectedMember1538 XPMay-06-2021 11:21 AM

Oh.  But it's cool!

I like the mashup between '54, Zilla, Legendary, and SP.

That was very cash money of you.


2KMember2626 XPMay-06-2021 3:11 PM

there is also a bit of Shin and Heisei mixed in there as well


2KMember2266 XPMay-10-2021 2:56 PM

What happens next?

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