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Irritator Vs. Majungasaurus (EDB Season 2 Part.4)

Irritator Vs. Majungasaurus (EDB Season 2 Part.4)

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Ganimes V.8

InitiateMember328 XPNov-28-2019 9:49 AM

Stop Raptor Abuse,its also not my fault if you get irritated.EDB stands for Epic Dinosaur Battles.Part.4 Means that this is the fourth battle.


The information about Irritator:

Irritator is a dinosaur which lived around 105-110 million years ago during the early Cretaceous Period. It was first discovered in 1996 in Brazil and later named by Martill, Cruikshank, Frey, Small and Clark in 1996. It was given the name Irritator because the paleontologists had found out that the snout had been artificially made longer by illegal fossil hunters. The fossil hunters elongated the skull in hopes of getting more money for it, but it just made it harder for paleontologists to reconstruct the original features of this dinosaur. Therefore, they gave it its name—a name which comes from the word irritated.

This dinosaur was around 21 feet long and weighed around 3 tons. At least, that is what is believed to have been its dimensions. Paleontologists aren’t quite sure because they only have a skull to work with and they can’t ascertain where the rest of the skeleton may be because the skull has come from illegal fossil hunters.

Because there are so few facts about Irritator available, much of its behavior and diet is merely speculation from scientists. For example, many paleontologists assume that this dinosaur behaved much like a Spinosaur. That it probably lived off of a diet of fish and carrion—maybe even plants—and may have even had a sail on its back.

The information about Majungasaurus:

Majungasaurus is a dinosaur which lived approximately 70 million years ago during the Cretaceous Period. It was first discovered in 1896 by a French army officer along the Betsiboka River in Madagascar. It was then named Majungasaurus, a name which means “Majungha Lizard.”

This dinosaur was approximately 20 feet long and weighed around a ton. It was a bipedal predator that had small hands and a short snout with thickened bone on it. It also had a single small horn on top of its skull. It is known that this dinosaur was a carnivore and may have hunted many different types of dinosaurs at the same. It may have even hunted its own kind as has been shown by the fossil record. Fossils of this dinosaur have been found bearing the teeth of other Majungasaurus dinosaurs. This is the only direct evidence of cannibalism that has ever been attributed with direct evidence to a dinosaur species. Although to be fair, it may just have scavenged the already dead remains of other Majungasaurus.

An interesting fact about this dinosaur is that due to the pro ponderous of skeletal material, this dinosaur is currently one of the most studied dinosaurs of all time. It is believed to have been the apex predator of its ecosystem.

The battle begins!

In the jungle,a blue Majungasaurus was resting near a bush,it wanted to eat something because it was starving.It saw a Kentrosaurus,it snuck up on it at killed it,he brought it to the bush and ate it,it heard weird sounds coming from the west,but it ignored them and kept on eating its food.It ate anything,as long as its food,he eats it,he even ate his siblings so he cannot starve to death.He knew that there was a lake in the west,which was the place where the weird sounds where coming from,so he started running to the lake to find food.

In the west of the jungle,and Irritator was eating fish near a lake,he then jumped in the lake and caught more fish that he can eat more and more fish.He heard weird stomping noises from the east,he saw a group of Velociraptors eating some food,he did not want to kill them since they might have been starving to death.He then proceeded to clear out all the fish in the lake,but,the stomping noises have finally came close enough to make the Irritator aware of its surroundings.

Then the Majungasaurus got to the lake,he saw some Velociraptors so he charged to them and tried to eat them,the Irritator quickly charged at the Majunga to defend the Velos,the Majunga roared to warn the Irritator.But the Irritator did not listen and he bit the Majunga's neck and pinned him to the ground with his leg,the Majunga bit the Irritator's leg to make him fall down,then the Majunga pushed the Irritator in the lake.The Majunga did not hear any noises,he thought he won,so then,he started to attack the Velos,the Velos backed down.

And the Irritator jumped from the lake to bite the Majunga to defend the Velos once again and pinned him to the ground with his leg,then he took his enemy to the lake to drown the Majunga.The Majunga tried to escape,but he couldn't,when the Irritator drowned the Majunga,the Raptors ran to the South quickly.


Reason:Big arms,sharp claws and it could swim in the water?Well thats and absolute win if i do so say myself


"I hope,one day,i will go to the U.S.A..."

Ganimes V.8,December 10th 2019

5 Responses to Irritator Vs. Majungasaurus (EDB Season 2 Part.4)


ContributorMember968 XPNov-28-2019 2:00 PM

Nice fight. So when is Megalosaurus or Baryonyx coming into the fights? (Just as a suggestion.)


RespectedMember1789 XPNov-28-2019 6:19 PM

Rip Mah-hunga bunga saurus.

Zwei Wing is the best singing duo. Change my mind.


RespectedMember1630 XPNov-28-2019 10:42 PM

I feel like the estimates for the Dinosaurs are a bit small, especially for Irritator, though that might just be me. Nice fight.

If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.

Ganimes V.8

InitiateMember328 XPNov-29-2019 6:26 AM

Baryonyx and Megalosaurus were in the 1st season...

"I hope,one day,i will go to the U.S.A..."

Ganimes V.8,December 10th 2019


ConversationalistMember1407 XPNov-30-2019 10:48 AM

g00d fight

My brethren are aliiiive!

Give orange me give eat orange me eat orange give me eat orange give me you
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