Honestly, how do you think the film will be?

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MemberNoobOct-18-2017 11:39 AM

I went nuts when the Pacific Rim 2 was announced. Then the shock: Guillermo delToro isn't directing anymore. Travis Beacham was fired from the project too. They even removed Ramin Djawadi! Now the first trailer is up, and while I was absolutely blown away at first, the more I think about it and analyze it and listen to complaints from others (many of which are actually justified), I'm getting more and more scared. The Jaegers don't look as realistic as in the first. While they could have made faster Jaegers and still retain the feel of the original, they went full Power Rangers, even having a teenage cast. Now the Jaegers, while still cool, feel way too CGI and... well, for any other movie, I'd be hyped, but Pacific Rim is supposed to be better than this. The few Kaiju I've seen onscreen also didn't look the least bit menacing. In the first film, they were towering monstrocities, and you could actually feel their sheer size. When Knifehead rose, I got the chills. But here... much less detail, less realism, just more flashy colors. It looks just way too much like the kind of movie a producer would write with nothing but the resulting cash in mind.

So... yes, the action scenes are going to be awesome, no doubt about that. But do you think the movie itself will be any good? Do you think it will come even close to the feel of the original? I'm almost hoping it'll bomb, because that way, the producers will finally realize that they need delToro and Beacham to do this, and so maybe we'll get an awesome Pacific Rim 3! But on the other hand... I want this movie to be really good. But I'm afraid it won't be. What do you think?

7 Replies

Something Real

MemberLegendOct-18-2017 2:26 PM

GICALDO - I can certainly understand your stance with regards to the upcoming Pacific Rim: Uprising. Indeed; it seems as though detail and substance have been sacrificed for action. That, sadly, is the direction in which most films are going these days. However, perhaps there is still hope for Pacific Rim: Uprising; it may be that we must wait for the film to be fuly revealed. Even so, I am quite dubious about it as a whole. Thank you ever so much for bringing forth this extremely thought-provoking topic! :)


MemberNoobNov-06-2017 9:26 AM

Judging by the trailer? Probably pretty bad. Everything lacked a sense of weight and scale (when 250 foot robots look tiny you have a problem) and if they actually use that horrible song in the movie I will die laughing in the theater


MemberContributorNov-06-2017 11:02 AM

I hope it doesn't tank, because I do want pacific rim to have an on going franchise. but I do hope they realize they should ask del Toro to come back. The first was amazing! The way they portray the kaiju are amazing and del Toro had the vision to bring these monsters to scale and give us a sense of the action taking place. You felt drawn into the combat!



MemberNoobNov-06-2017 1:18 PM

Good news is, Guillermo delToro co-wrote the script, so it can't be THAT bad. Really, as long as it's a character-driven story, which delToro uses to be good at, I'll be at least satisfied, if not blown away like I initially hoped I would.


MemberNoobNov-13-2017 10:06 AM

Based on the trailer...Too much "colors" if y'know what i mean...like an animated cartoon movie...Just wandering if this movie begining to be a classic case of " we've got the money, so you do the sh*t that we think can sell more!!! "...

Del Toro did really well in the first movie...the design...the plot...

I just hope Universal doesn't ruin it...Well the design of the Jaeger is cool for some...i must say...BUT,...some of it just plain ugly and not really realistic "robotic"...more like Evangelion kinda thing...


Well...let's just see...

Still...Great job Del Toro!


Not a RapFan

MemberNoobMar-01-2018 3:54 PM

Honestly,  I was super excited that they were making a second PR. But then I saw the trailer and it was like watching Marvel's Black Panther trailer.....wtf was the 1st movies cast not diverse enough?? I don't know , maybe I'm being too critical? But **** if I wanted to watch a rap video I'd find some old re-runs of " yo MTV raps.

Just seems like everything is going that way, it's sort of alienating to the largest demographic in the country. The original movie had a fair level mix of ethnicities and it felt great. My wife is of color and she is Colombian. She made the remark after watching the trailer " looks Champee to me " that a common Colombian term for second rate/ cheap/ tacky,,,,etc,etc, like George Jeffersons green walls with orange formica topped cabinets and plastic on his couch....just ghetto 


MemberContributorMar-05-2018 10:13 AM

I think it is going to look good. But you know what they say about sequels: they are sometimes not as good as the original. So it could go either way.

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