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Isla Nublar Apocalypse II

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2KMember4115 XPNov-24-2016 5:03 AM

Chapter 1

Isla Nublar, realm of the dinosaurs. Peace was seemingly at last restored. The truth is, it wasn't. This, is the story of the last quest for peace. This, is the story of a being so powerful he nearly wiped out every dinosaur on the island. This is, Isla Nublar Apocalypse II.

Our tale begins on a normal, sunny day. So far, nothing out of the ordinary. But that would soon change. In the tranquil forest of what can be considered the Golden Land of Isla Nublar, a lone Dakotaraptor slept. She slowly opened her eyes and stood up, revealing herself as Blue. My, how she had changed since her battle against the Ultimus Rex. A covering of feathers now coated her entire body, except for the end of her snout and legs. She measured out at 5.2 metres long and 2 metres tall. It turns out she wasn't a Velociraptor like once thought in Jurassic World, for she was much larger. In fact, all the Raptors cloned by InGen were Dakotaraptors.

Blue walked through the forest, looking for a meal. Life was extremely tough, for her species was a social animal, and her pack was all but dead. But she never gave up, eventually growing used to living alone. But her isolation was about to change. Approaching some bushes, she was confronted by four of her kind, Eagle, Hawk, Falcon, and Owl. Eagle, the alpha, cooed to her, questioning why she wasn't with a pack. Blue sadly chirped that her pack was dead, in response. The alpha felt sympathy for her, allowing her into the pack. But she was at the bottom, the omega. Still better than not having a pack at all.


Three miles south, one of the largest theropods to ever walk the planet, Giganoctus the Giganotosaurus, was stretching, preparing for the day. His green, scaly flesh caused him to blend in with the bushes and vegetation. He was 14.6 metres long and 5.5 metres tall, a beast to be reckoned with.

Giganoctus began his search for food, his nostrils catching the scent of a sauropod. He approached an Apatosaurus, who did not seem to notice him. The Carcharodontosaurid crouched down, ready to attack.


In the eastern swamps of the island, a snout lunged into the water, reemerging with a fish. This was Spinax, the Prodigal Spinosaur, Emperor of the Rivers. He had topped out at 17 metres long, 5.5 metres tall at the skull, and 8.2 metres tall at the top of his sail. He had one Hell of a journey, being the first dinosaur to defeat, but not kill, the Ultimus Rex. Spinax walked over to his mate, Blossom. She was 15 metres long, 5.5 metres tall at the skull, and 7.6 metres tall at the sail.

Spinax dropped the fish in front of his children, laying down next to his mate. They were the rulers of this area, unchallenged. After all, they were the greatest aquatic dinosaurs, their species was Spinosaurus aegyptiacus. The two gazed into each others' eyes, nudging.


On the opposite side of the island, the two greatest animals ever to walk the Earth were thriving. Tyrance, the Tyrant King, and his mate, Rexy. Tyrance towered over the world at an incredible height of 5.5 metres. He measured 15.8 metres from nose to tail. His mate was 14.6 metres long and 5.5 metres tall, having grown larger since the last stand of the U.Rex.

The two had seen and done it all. From facing Nequit Dominum to battling the U.Rex, these two were legendary. They set out on a hunt for food, coming across a lone Triceratops. Tyrance lunged out of the shadows, ambushing it. The Trike was caught off guard, and his neck was abruptly snapped. The Tyrant King threw the body down as he and his mate ate. After eating their fill, they returned to the mangrove in which they had decided to build a nest, awaiting the birth of their offspring. This would continue their genes onto the next generation, the genes of the greatest carnivore ever to set its foot upon the face of the Earth: Tyrannosaurus rex.


In the central area of Nublar, two more Tyrannosaurs thrived, their territory a large mountain. They were siblings, the deadliest dinosaurs on the island after Tyrance. Thunderstorm, slayer of the U.Rex, regally rested on a cliff overlooking their territory. He was 6 metres tall and 16.8 metres long, large even for his species. That was because he was the genetically enhanced Lightning Rex. His sister, Earthquake, was 5.5 metres tall and 15 metres long.

She placed her skull on his back as the two rested, the wind rustling their feathers. They truly believed peace had been restored--but they were mistaken.


Giganoctus had successfully killed the sauropod, beginning to devour it. But his nostrils caught an all-too familiar scent. He fled, not wanting to die, and having filled his stomach anyway. After he left, the trees stirred, and out stepped the greatest abomination ever seen. The being looked like Maledictus Dominum, but had a massive sail on his back. Each foot possessed a deadly sickle claw, like that of Dromaeosaurids, but on a massive scale. His arms ended in metre-long claws, he had five horns; the two of a Carnotaurus and the three of a Ceratosaurus. He also had a Parasaurolophus crest.

This was not the original Maledictus, but his blood ran through his veins, along with the blood of the Ultimus Rex. He was the Ultimate Lord. His name...was Ultimus Dominum.


Chapter 2: The End of Peace



The demon walked over to the carcass, slicing it open with ease using his claws. He tore into the animal's flesh, coating his face in blood. The Ultimate Lord gorged himself, but then he caught the scent of a dinosaur, a hunter, a killer; Giganotosaurus carolinii.

The Ultimus deduced that this was the animal who killed the sauropod he was eating. He followed the smell left by Giganoctus.

Meanwhile, our five Dakotaraptors were searching for a meal. Eagle, using his amazing senses, found the remains of an Apatosaurus. They gasped in horror at the sight; a half-eaten, bloody thing. It was a mess of bones, flesh, blood, and intestines. The flesh was cut, blood staining the scales. Eagle could tell that a massive Allosauroid was the killer, but he couldn't tell why the corpse was demented and twisted; not even a Tyrannosaurus rex could do that.

They disregarded that and began to eat their fill, Eagle getting the largest portion of meat. Blue tried to take a piece, only to get a hiss from the alpha in response. She dropped her piece of flesh in submission, as the beta of the pack, Owl, ate it. At last, the alpha and his three subordinates finished, and Blue finally ate, but there was only a little left.

Biased, she thought as she munched on a slab of flesh. The other Raptors waited for her, then they all departed for rest.


After eating, Ultimus had traveled north, having heard of Nequit and Maledictus Dominum, and the Ultimus Rex. He was looking for answers. His search took him to the destroyed volcano, the same one in which the U.Rex had died. It was now reduced to a mess of rock formations. But there was something about this volcano I have never told you; when the continents shifted, this volcano was formed by the infamous fissure in the Earth; the one in which Nequit Dominum had met his end.

The smells of different carnivores filled Ultimus's nose, further provoking his search. Two of the scents reminded him of himself. As he dug through the volcanic soil, he found...the rotting remains of his mother...the Ultimus Rex. Her eyes stared blankly at him, for she was no longer alive. Her head was separated from the rest of her body, which he soon uncovered.


Meanwhile, Ultimus Dominum was still tracking the scent. He eventually saw the sight of a Giganotosaurus running. From him. This only enraged the hybrid as he lunged for it, running in a normal theropod stance rather than the upright stance of Nequit and Maledictus Dominum.

Giganoctus moaned as he felt his tail bones being crushed. Looking back, he gasped in horror, this was the same monster who took his meal.

The Ultimus slashed at his tail, knocking the Giga to the ground. However, Giganoctus was up as fast as he was down, and the two circled each other for a long while. Eventually, the carnosaur rammed into the demon. The two were fighting on the edge of a cliff, near one of the canyons.

Dominum prepared his methane sac, spitting flames directly in Giganoctus's direction. They charred his skull and neck, but he headbutted Ultimus, the flames consuming his chest. U.Dominum also fell off the crumbling edge, falling 70 feet. He completely demolished his sail, shattered his ribs, snapped his limbs. The Ultimus was close to death, but his broken body began to fluctuate.

His sail healed, but mutated; the edges of the sails became sharper, like saws. His arms and legs regenerated, with larger claws. The Ultimus healed his ribs as gills formed on his neck. This was not good, he was becoming just like his predecessors.

But that wasn't even the end! Large spikes formed on his forearms, his horns grew to a metre long each, and a thagomiser grew on his tail, like that of Stegosaurus armatus.

Ultimus's eyes were bloodshot and psychotic, filled with a newfound lust for blood. He screamed, struggling up a suitable surface for climbing. After reaching the top, he staggered around, coughing blood up. Dominum stumbled around like a crack addict, beginning to gasp flames, charring the trees around him. He foamed in the mouth as he tripped over a log, collapsing into a pool of quicksand as his fire burned the forest and the sand he was stuck in. He gasped, sand leaking into his maw as he disappeared below the surface.

Giganoctus sensed the coming fire, fleeing. He sprinted at his top speed of 30 miles per hour, ignoring his throbbing tail. He passed the Raptor pack, nearly trampling them in his wake! Blue hissed at him as the rest of the pack stood to their feet.

With his unmatched alpha senses, Eagle caught the scent of smoke, chirping for his pack to sprint as fast as possible. They fled just as flames consumed the clearing of the forest they were in.

Thunderstorm was awoken by the smell of smoke. Looking out over the edge on which he lied, he saw a large portion of forest on fire. He cooed to Earthquake, telling her to come. She observed the scene, then the two decided to travel there, to find out what in the world was going on.

They headed down the towering colossus of a mountain, looking at their surroundings. They approached the pool of quicksand, which had since turned into glass. They turned to leave when they heard a large shattering sound. Thunderstorm and Earthquake looked back, gasping in horror at Ultimus Dominum.

The two alpha-tyrannosaurs assserted their dominance with loud bellows and mock lunges. He let out a psychotic roar, unintentionally catching the attention of the single greatest animal ever to set foot on the Earth...


Chapter 3: The Beginning of the End

Tyrance and Rexy heard the roar, deciding to investigate the scene. The two tyrannosaurs walked into the burning forest, gasping in horror at what they saw. Ultimus Dominum in a standoff against Thunderstorm and Earthquake. The Tyrant King let out a large bellow, signalling his presence. The four T.rexes stood their ground, Thunderstorm making the first move. He clamped onto Dominum's arm, crushing it under 24,000 pounds of pressure.

Ultimus bellowed as the Tyrant Thunderstorm tore the arm off, blood gushing from the stump. Dominum stumbled back, nearly tripping over his tail as his arm regenerated. Tyrance was filled with dread, remembering that Nequit and Maledictus Dominum both had this ability. Ultimus hit Tyrance with his metre-long claws, forcing the great beast to groan in pain.

Rexy swung her large skull, but he ducked, crouching as he hit her in the chest. The impact knocked the wind out of her, for he had hit her with his mutated sail. He then stood back to his full height as Earthquake stomped on his tail, crushing it under her 9-tonne body. But, like his arm, it regenerated near instantly.

The Ultimus began to turn red, particularly in his stomach, for he was preparing his methane sac. He fired a burst of flames (get it?), but Tyrance sidestepped in time as Rexy crunched down on his torso. Her powerful jaws penetrated his thick skin, but it wasn't enough. Tyrance bit down on the same spot, placing a foot on his knee and pulling back. Dominum fell over as Tyrance slashed at his stomach with his toe claws, then tearing his methane sac clean out just as he was going to shoot another wave of fire.

Thunderstorm then picked Ultimus up, throwing him into a rock, then rammed into him with his large skull. This did not phase him, he slashed Thunderstorm's left shoulder, his claws going so deep that they scraped his bones. The Tyrant Thunderstorm howled as his arm went numb, allowing the demon to grab him by the throat.

As Earthquake charged him, he threw her brother into her. Ultimus then stomped on Thunderstorm's skull, slashing at his face with his sickle claw. But then, Tyrance closed his jaws around his leg, toppling Dominum.

Ultimus roared as Tyrance sank his claws into his crotch, blood flooding everywhere. But then, Dominum shot a burst of flames that hit Tyrance's shoulder, he had regenerated his methane sac!

The fire blackened his shoulder as Ultimus bucked him with his nose horn, releasing a groan of agony from the Tyrant King. Tyrance fell to the ground as the Ultimus placed a foot on his side, preparing to end him. Suddenly, Thunderstorm rammed him, the Ultimus's next wave of fire hitting a bush. The Tyrant Thunderstorm crushed his limbs, collapsing a tree on top of him with his incredible size. He then slung Tyrance over his shoulders, cooing for Rexy and Earthquake to flee.

Ultimus Dominum's back was broken, his ribs crushed. He healed all his injuries, lifting himself up from under the tree. He let out a cry of annoyance.


Thunderstorm led Earthquake and Rexy back to the mountain on which he and his sister resided, dropping the soot-covered, bleeding body of Tyrance. He slowly awoke, thanking the Lightning Rex for saving him. The Tyrant King stood to his feet, the four now deciding to travel as a pack unit.


Giganoctus, having barely survived his encounter with Ultimus Dominum, walked through the still wilderness, struggling to catch his breath. He saw a river, kneeling at its edge to take a drink. Suddenly, a Spinosaurus lunged out of the water, hissing at him aggressively. Giganoctus stomped his foot into the ground, preparing for a fight. But Spinax wasn't alone; his mate swam over, standing by his side. Giganoctus decided that two Spinosaurs were too much of a threat, and left, snarling in frustration.


Somewhere else, a pack of seven Mapusaurs were hunting, led by their alpha, Earth. The alpha-Mapusaurus had battled Giganoctus and got away, despite being terribly injured. Now, he had healed and had a pack to lead. They entered the dying forest, surrounded by flames and the psychotic, almost laughing bellows of a demon.


The smell of smoke filled Spinax's nostrils. He and Blossom looked up to see a fire spreading to their river. Without hesitation, he scooped up his sons and daughters in his jaws, fleeing with his mate behind him. They only looked back once, to see a tall sillouhette emerge from the flames. This only fueled their will to escape.

Ultimus Dominum was beyond furious, enraged that even aquatic creatures were neglecting him. In his rage, he personally burned down every tree in the forest, screaming and throwing rocks around. Wow. And I thought Kylo Ren was a psychotic.

In the aftermath, he stood, surrounded by flames, with Maledictus Dominum and the Ultimus Rex seemingly being in the fire, their last shot at revenge.


Chapter 4: Separation

Ultimus Dominum let out a bellow as he returned to the remains of the volcano in which he found the remains of his mother. He continued digging hastily, looking for his father, and grandfather. For hours he dug, until, after searching through dirt and pebbles, he reached a large, solid object. Sweeping the dust aside with his tail, he stared at what he had uncovered, Maledictus Dominum, the Cursed Lord, his father. He was beyond enraged as he stared at the 12-inch deep tooth marks in his neck.

To Ultimus's knowledge, there was only one being he knew of who could do this; Tyrance, the Tyrant King. Dominum also spotted something lying a few metres away, approaching it. It was the skull of Nequit Dominum, sticking out of a rock wall. He tore down the wall with his immense mass, uncovering the rest of the skeleton; it also had 12-inch deep tooth marks in its neck.

He thought he could see their spirits, staring at him. He knew what had to be done; Tyrance had to be killed.

Ultimus Dominum bowed his head to the spirits of his father and grandfather, turning to leave. He remembered the alpha Tyrannosaurus rex he had faced; never before had he fought such a beast. That had to be Tyrance, he concluded, and with that he left in search of the Slayer of the Dominums.


Ultimus walked through the still wilderness, filled with rage for no tangible reason. He let out a cry of frustration as he smashed a tree. It collapsed, conveniently landing on four sleeping Spinosaurus younglings; killing all of the clutch but one. This one survivor, would exceed even his father, in size. He would become just like his father; a legend.

But that will not happen for three years. Dominum's cry had disturbed Spinax and Blossom, who returned. What they saw twisted their stomachs; the pair saw the heart-wrenching scene of their offspring's corpses being brutally swallowed whole by Ultimus Dominum. They were filled with more pain and rage than ever; this was the THIRD time that their offspring were killed. But there was hope; from behind the fallen tree was this lone survivor, the son of Spinax, Fang.

Blossom's parential instincts kicked in as she charged the demon, ramming him straight in the chest. He was taken by surprise, and fell over after driving his metre-long claws into her shoulder. The Spinosaurus threw him to the ground, stomping on his neck; But this wasn't enough. The demon rolled over onto his stomach and bucked, cutting her underbelly with his spiny sail. She wheezed and was quickly overpowered as Dominum pressed his foot against her ribs, slamming her to the ground. But Spinax wasn't having this as he closed his jaws around Ultimus's tail, pulling him away. This left giant, bloody gashes on Blossom's side, but at least she was alive.

Spinax fought Dominum alone, mano e mano. Ultimus slashed at his face, but he retaliated by sinking his fish-hook claws into his eye socket. U.Dominum screamed from the pain, holding his head in his hands as he turned around.

The Prodigal Spinosaur walked in to finish him, but took a direct thagomiser to the shoulder. He screamed as his arm, hand, and shoulder went numb, and Dominum twirled around, clamping onto his neck. Blossom couldn't bear to watch as Spinax was mauled.

She took the demon herself, clamping down on his arm and slashing at his stomach. She began to push him back as he mauled Blossom with his free arm, but she wouldn't give up. Her strength gave away as he shot a burst of fire that charred and blackened her sail.

Blossom collapsed to the ground, exhausted and drained of energy. Ultimus stood over her neck triumphantly, but was unprepared for Spinax, who smashed into his chest, knocking the demon over the cliff's edge. But Dominum grabbed his ankle, and the Emperor of the Rivers fell, too. He let out one last cry to his mate, telling her to raise their son. Fang walked over, sadly watching the two beasts fall.


They landed in a river, and Spinax was able to easily crawl onto a patch of land. Walking on his quadruped stance, he limped to a safe spot to sleep as Ultimus Dominum faded into unconsciousness.


It appeared that Dominum died that day, but the truth was, he wasn't finished. His gills allowed him to breathe underwater, and he found a cave on the riverbed. The entrance to it was underwater, but sloped upward to an isolated, closed-off area. He laid down in a dragon-like pose as he drifted off.

As for Egypt, he was separated from his family, trapped in the solitude he painfully went through as a juvenile. He limped away from the area as Ultimus took the river as his territory.

The two would not see each other for three years. Spinax had normal theropod business; hunt, fight, eat. Dominum remained in the shadows, for his cave was deep under the surface. He swore that he would one day have revenge.


Blossom led Fang north; she had to show him something. She led him to the Cursed Ravine, the one in which the Ultimus rex had perished. Fang stared at her skeleton, of which few patches of flesh still clung to. Her skull and neck were removed, crushed, broken. 12-inch deep tooth-marks drove themselves into the bone. Fang chirped to his mother, asking how she had perished.

She simply said that it was the doing of the Lightning Rex. Of course, this only further provoked Fang's curiosity, as he asked who that was. Blossom cooed that it was a Tyrannosaurus rex, a black and blue one covered in scars.


Three years after Spinax and Dominum fell into that river, Fang awoke with his mate, Venus. He now exceeded even his father in size, at 17.2 metres. The two Spinosaurs walked through the swamps, looking for food.

Meanwhile, Earth and his six Mapusaurs had just killed an Apatosaurus and were enjoying their feast. Earth himself had already eaten his fill, and was resting, watching out for danger.

At the bottom of the ravine, Ultimus awoke in his cave. It was time...for revenge.


Part 5: Return

Ultimus Dominum returned to the river, swimming and climbing onto land. He made his way up a hill, releasing a deafening bellow that signaled his return.

Several hours later

Eagle led his four subordinates through the forest, when Blue suddenly hissed at him. He turned to the omega; she was challenging him for the right to lead the pack. The two Raptors fought as Hawk, Falcon, and Owl stepped back, watching them fight. They leaped at each other, and Eagle clamped onto her lower jaw, swinging her down and dislocating it. She lifted up her foot and slashed his shoulder with her massive sickle claw, blood pouring.

The alpha hissed as he grabbed her arm, blood squirting in all directions. Blue hissed in pain as she slashed his face with her free arm, causing him to step back. She stood to her feet, and the two clawed each other.

For a while, neither Raptor was able to gain an advantage. But after two hours, both were exhausted and severely bleeding. Blue's anger blinded her, and she sprinted towards him, leaping high into the air. Eagle saw this and dodged, grabbing her tail and smashing her to the forest floor. She hissed, signaling defeat. Eagle roared at her, and she limped away, her will broken.

The Dakotaraptor hiked through the wilderness, when she began to feel the ground shake. Thinking it was a Tyrannosaurus rex, she hid in a cave. But this was no mere theropod--no, it was the Ultimate Lord himself. She cowered in fear as Ultimus Dominum walked. Although she had never directly encountered it, she felt as though she had faced a similar creature in the past, far in the past...

She then remembered; Maledictus Dominum! She had assissted in his death, when the Tyrant King had failed. Her intelligence allowed her to deduce that this new being was not that.


Elsewhere, Earth led his six subordinates as they felt the ground rumble under their feet. Thinking it was a Tyrannosaurus, they stood their ground, but no, this was beyond that. Ultimus Dominum stepped out, knocking over a tree. He knew of what had happened; what Earth had done to his predecessors. The alpha-Mapusaurus charged the beast, determined to protect his pack. Dominum merely swatted him aside, and three of Earth's subordinates rammed into him. Ultimus unleashed a barrage of fire that separated the other four Mapusaurs from the rest of their pack.

The three Mapusaurs fought him viciously, biting and clawing him. This didn't phase the monster, who grabbed one by the skull, smashing his upper jaw within his grip. The other two cried as the omega dropped dead. One of the two remaining Mapusaurs clamped down on Dominum's forearm, blood gushing from the wound.

Ultimus reached up with his free arm, scraping the end of his snout, but he wouldn't let go, propelling forward. Dominum hit the ground, ripping himself free of the grip and killing him with a fatal neck snap. They were now near the edge of a cliff, Ultimus Dominum and the strongest of the three Mapusaurus. He charged Dominum, who merely grabbed his jaws, ripping his mouth open.

The Mapusaurus kicked desperately, but Ultimus was strong enough to muster a burst of fire that went directly down his throat. The blast decapitated the theropod, whose head dropped to the ground. Ultimus Dominum looked at his fallen opponents, roaring in triumph.

Earth was filled with emotional pain as he heard the roar, and sadly led his three reamining packmates away.


Spinax walked in his quadrupedal position, looking for food. The legendary alpha-Spinosaurus was hunting in a swamp. He stood up on his hind legs to look at the pterosaurs. Then, continuing walking, he came across a mutilated crocodile--Sarcosuchus imperator. The thing had its guts torn out, its ribs crushed, its head missing. Spinax tore off a piece of flesh and began to eat.

In another part of the island, Tyrance was walking alone, having split up with the rest of his pack to cover more ground. He came across a dead Mapusaurus, it was a horrid sight. The head had been removed, but not by the ripping of jaws--by a ray of fire from point-blank range down the throat.

His stomach twisted at the corpse, and so he turned around and went in the other direction. The Tyrant King heard a faint roar of pain in the distance. It was too far away for him to tell what species it was, but as he moved toward the sound, he recognised it as Thunderstorm's distinct cry. He ran towards the sound at a speed of 32 miles per hour, his golden eyes searching frantically for the other Tyrannosaur.

Then, he halted his sprint when he saw his fellow T.rexes battling Ultimus Dominum. They were putting up a good fight, but the Ultimate Lord slowly began to overpower them. Tyrance charged Ultimus, sending him tumbling to the ground. Dominum felt 12-inch teeth sink into his neck as he was thrown threw a clay wall.

Tyrance stormed after him and headbutted him, sending both of them down a small slope. He stood up and roared at the lord, who stomped to his feet. This was it, the Tyrant King versus the Ultimate Lord.


Chapter Six: Legion of the Tyrant King

Ultimus Dominum was taken aback by the Tyrant King's onslaught of attacks. He was fighting an experienced predator, and was not winning. Tyrance bit down on his throat, enacting 20,000 pounds of pressure, not his max strength, but still lethal.

Ultimus clawed his neck, forcing the tyrant to release his grip. Ultimus nipped his jaw and slashed his torso, pushing the king back. The lord clamped down on his neck, pushing him to the ground.

In the distance, Earth saw as Tyrance was being overwhelmed. He cooed to his packmates that he was going to fight, to which his subordinates replied with chirps in agreeance.

Dominum raised his foot to crush Tyrance's skull, but was sent to the ground by a pair of jaws ripping into his leg. The Mapusaurus hissed as he sliced the monster's flesh with his serrated teeth.

His three charged, ramming the demon in the back. The omega clamped onto his tail, and the beta went for Ultimus's arm. The alpha-female, Gaia, stood next to her mate.

Dominum swung his tail, and his tail-spikes stabbed the omega in the shoulder, sending him to the ground in agony. But a 10-tonne beast smashed his cranium into his ribcage, causing Ultimus Dominum to stumble. He was enraged that Tyrance was up and able to fight.

As if that wasn't bad enough, the other three Tyrannosaurs, Rexy, Thunderstorm, and Earthquake, charged across the plain and assaulted the Ultimate Lord.

Eagle and his pack saw the Tyrannosaurs and Mapusaurs attacking Dominum, ordering them to attack. They sprinted to the site, jumping onto Ultimus's side. The Dakotaraptors cut his flesh with their sickle claws, causing him to howl. Dominum saw Owl on his neck and turned his head, crushing his body in a single motion of his jaws.

The alpha saw this and roared, jumping onto him and stabbing him in the right eye. Ultimus held his face in his hands, he had lost half his vision. But this wouldn't stop him from regenerating his eyeball.

In the bushes, Blue saw the massive battle. She hesitated for a moment, but soon rushed in to help, ripping away at Dominum's sail. Rexy was filled with joy when she saw Blue, and grabbed Ultimus's arm, breaking it. He merely regenerated and sliced her side with his massive nose horn. But Thunderstorm rammed the demon, grabbed his nose horn, and smashed it under 24,000 pounds of force.

But then another carnivore bit down on his ankle--Giganoctus. The Giganotosaurus shocked everyone. Earth was conflicted about him, having almost died to him, but happy to have another theropod fight Ultimus. The demon's blood-red eyes moved, looking at the Giganotosaur--the one he had been hunting. He threw him off, only to be tackled by the beta Mapusaur, who jumped onto his side and broke off a piece of his sail.

He screamed as the beta and omega trapped his arms between their jaws, Giganoctus bit his tail, and Thunderstorm and Earthquake grabbed his legs. The raptors slashed at his flanks while Earth and Gaia clamped onto his head while Rexy gripped his shoulder. As if that wasn't bad enough, the Tyrant King latched onto his neck.

But even this wasn't enough to kill him. In the distance, Blossom, Fang, and his mate Venus saw--they knew what they had to do. The three Spinosaurs cautiously approached, and sank their claws into his ribs. But, he unleashed his secret weapon--an electromagnetic pulse that sent the theropods flying back. Ultimus was the only one standing, he had managed to beat them.


He grabbed Gaia the Mapusaurus, only to be hit square in the chest by Earth.  He was shocked, but as he was pushed back, he unleashed a barrage of fire that burned the alpha to the bone.  Earth could feel his feathers burning, but he refused to give up--no, his pack's death would mean his own.  He pushed Dominum closer and closer to the edge of the ravine--


But his strength at last gave out.  The defeated and severely burned theropod collapsed, panting.  Ultimus looked down at him, grinning.  He knew that Earth was no longer a threat--and chose Blossom as his next victim.

Dominum picked up Blossom, lifting her into the air with his demonic jaws and muscular build. The Empress of the Rivers let out a weak moan, but her son was too weak to save her.

In the nearby forest, Spinax was walking on all fours. He saw the battle against Ultimus Dominum. The thing that stuck out the most to him, was Blossom--his mate in his jaws. No, he was not going to lose her! No, he would not lose another! He stood up on two legs and charged, ramming Dominum in the side. Blossom fell to the ground, watching her mate fight the demon.

Spinax clamped onto Ultimus's arm, then pushed him back with his claws. Everyone was astonished by the strength of the Spinosaurus. He tore deep into his flesh with his claws, making Dominum double over. With his back turned to Spinax, he grinned as the Spinosaur charged. Gathering all the strength in his tail, he smashed his thagomiser into his shoulder, then twirled around and bit him, throwing him over the edge!

By now, the others were up, and Giganoctus ran at Ultimus, only to be picked up by the neck. Tyrance charged, but was pushed back by a hit from his obscenely long claws. Dominum tightened his grip on the Giga, enacting 27,000 pounds of unrelenting fury.

Tyrance was in too much pain to stand...The sounds of screaming filled the air and his ears...But they suddenly went silent. He snapped out of his trance, seeing a limp body lying lifeless in the jaws of Ultimus Dominum. This somehow fueled him, and he clambered to his feet, ramming him in the stomach. Dominum fell over the edge of the ravine, but grabbed the tyrant's ankle, sending both of them tumbling down.




Ultimus shattered his sail on a rock as he hit the ground, screeching uncontrollably. The monstrous abomination had sprained his ankles, broke his ribs, and snapped his arms. He regenerated his injuries, observing his surroundings. Jagged rocks stuck out of the side of the ravine wall, and he deduced that these were what caused his injuries. In a psychotic fit of rage, he ripped them out of their places, throwing them around in a psychotic outburst.


When he had satisfied his rage, he remembered his enemies. He looked around, but they were nowhere to be seen. The Ultimus assumed that his enemies were dead, catching sight of the injuried body of the theropod that he had thrown down the ravine before. He lay in a puddle of his own blood, his wounds bleeding.


The Ultimate Lord walked towards the body, but was stopped by an ear-splitting roar. He could feel the ground shaking underneath his 12-tonne body, staring at one of his footprints, which was now filled with water from the torrential downpour. The water vibrated as the booming noises continued.


He then looked up, seeing a Godlike being step in front of the other body. He snarled, his golden eyes never averting their gaze from him, penetrating the soul of the Ultimate Lord. He let out another world-shaking bellow, to which the Ultimus responded with a cry of his own. Thunder boomed and lightning crashed as the two most powerful beings on the island prepared to square off. This was it, the final battle, the Tyrant Lord versus the Ultimate Lord.

"Part of the journey is the end..."

33 Responses to Isla Nublar Apocalypse II

Darth Shiro

ContributorMember883 XPNov-24-2016 5:19 AM


Dinosaurs incredible creatures who roamed the Earth 65 million years ago. Never had nature been filled with so much terror and beauty...

I Meme Everything

2KMember4115 XPNov-24-2016 5:19 AM

^Thanks!  Things take off next chapter, so stay tuned!

"Part of the journey is the end..."

Darth Shiro

ContributorMember883 XPNov-24-2016 5:20 AM

I will bruh

Dinosaurs incredible creatures who roamed the Earth 65 million years ago. Never had nature been filled with so much terror and beauty...

Darth Shiro

ContributorMember883 XPNov-24-2016 5:23 AM

*Fang approves this*

Dinosaurs incredible creatures who roamed the Earth 65 million years ago. Never had nature been filled with so much terror and beauty...

I Meme Everything

2KMember4115 XPNov-24-2016 5:25 AM


"Part of the journey is the end..."


2KStaff3811 XPNov-24-2016 6:14 AM

Very good start.

Good grief.

Darth Shiro

ContributorMember883 XPNov-24-2016 6:15 AM


Dinosaurs incredible creatures who roamed the Earth 65 million years ago. Never had nature been filled with so much terror and beauty...

I Meme Everything

2KMember4115 XPNov-24-2016 6:16 AM

Thanks guys!

"Part of the journey is the end..."

Darth Shiro

ContributorMember883 XPNov-24-2016 6:17 AM

^Np brotha

Dinosaurs incredible creatures who roamed the Earth 65 million years ago. Never had nature been filled with so much terror and beauty...

I Meme Everything

2KMember4115 XPNov-24-2016 7:14 AM


"Part of the journey is the end..."

I Meme Everything

2KMember4115 XPNov-25-2016 5:21 AM

Chapter 2 is up

"Part of the journey is the end..."

Darth Shiro

ContributorMember883 XPNov-25-2016 5:40 AM


Dinosaurs incredible creatures who roamed the Earth 65 million years ago. Never had nature been filled with so much terror and beauty...

I Meme Everything

2KMember4115 XPNov-25-2016 6:06 AM

Chapter 3 up

"Part of the journey is the end..."


2KStaff3811 XPNov-25-2016 7:01 AM

Very good job xD. I just realized though that The End takes place in North America, so if this takes place on Isla Nublar we have some plot issues. But who cares?

Good grief.

I Meme Everything

2KMember4115 XPNov-25-2016 7:07 AM

^Well the continents shifted, remember.  65 million years ago they looked like this:

"Part of the journey is the end..."


2KStaff3811 XPNov-25-2016 7:23 AM

Well The central hub of The End which is the Golden-Land is in Montana I believe.

Good grief.

Darth Shiro

ContributorMember883 XPNov-25-2016 8:04 AM

Savage bro! Also on The End chat (so  no one would be spoiled) we'll tell GG about....the project..

Dinosaurs incredible creatures who roamed the Earth 65 million years ago. Never had nature been filled with so much terror and beauty...

Something Real

LegendMember5639 XPNov-25-2016 10:31 PM

DARTH TYRANT - This was exceptionally fun and engaging! I am very pleased with your descriptions throughout your work! How excellent! Thank you ever so much for sharing this with us! :)

I Meme Everything

2KMember4115 XPDec-04-2016 5:41 AM

Chapter 4 is finally up.  Sorry for the delay, my computer was going stupid.

"Part of the journey is the end..."


2KStaff3811 XPDec-04-2016 7:34 AM

Quality stuff.

Good grief.

I Meme Everything

2KMember4115 XPDec-04-2016 7:39 AM


"Part of the journey is the end..."

I Meme Everything

2KMember4115 XPDec-10-2016 3:54 PM

Chapter 5 is up

"Part of the journey is the end..."

I Meme Everything

2KMember4115 XPDec-10-2016 6:36 PM

chapter 6 is up

"Part of the journey is the end..."

I Meme Everything

2KMember4115 XPDec-10-2016 6:37 PM

also, the Tyrant Lord vs the Ultimate Lord will be a separate topic

"Part of the journey is the end..."

Something Real

LegendMember5639 XPDec-10-2016 6:41 PM

DARTH TYRANT - Your latest chapters have been extremely compelling! I very much enjoy the way in which you describe your scenes and the way your characters interact! Excellent work! Thank you ever so much for continuing to share this wonderful adventure with us! :)

I Meme Everything

2KMember4115 XPDec-10-2016 6:42 PM

^Thank you.  Are you excited for,


The Tyrant Lord versus the Ultimate Lord

"Part of the journey is the end..."

Something Real

LegendMember5639 XPDec-10-2016 6:56 PM

DARTH TYRANT - I certainly am! :)


2KStaff3811 XPDec-10-2016 6:58 PM

Very good two chapters.

Good grief.

I Meme Everything

2KMember4115 XPDec-10-2016 7:00 PM

^thanks guys.  The next one will be my greatest fight yet.  It may not be up for a while.  Will return to Star Wars: The Turn after I see Rogue One.  Speaking of R1, I'm seeing it with Ghetto Hobbit!

"Part of the journey is the end..."

Something Real

LegendMember5639 XPDec-10-2016 7:57 PM

DARTH TYRANT -  You are most welcome. Do you attend the same school as GHETTO HOBBIT? :)

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