to clear up the "Indi wasn't needed" from bbt

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indiana jones

NoobMember0 XPFeb-18-2015 8:55 PM

Just to clear up an old topic,

there is an idea that was stated in the big bang theory (i love that show "what's that animal doing in our apartment? relax, it's in a cage it can't get out. I have two words for you, jurassic park")

anyway, theres a theory/statment that says "If Indiana Jones was never in Raiders of the lost Ark, it would have ended the same. The Nazies would have opened the ark and got their faces melted."

Now for those of you who havn't seen this film, it's about an archeolagist named Indiana Jones (Henry Jones Jr.), a cool guy, hates snakes, good with a whip, enjoyes (enough about me) "I" start looking for the ark, and nazies are looking for it to (i hate nazies, they ruin everything for me), it's pretty much a race against the nazies to find it, i even get trapped in a snake pit...grody...but eventually the nazies kidnap me, and get the ark. They open it up, and it melts their faces, literally.

So if i wasn't in the movie it would be this- Nazies get the ark, and open it. They die.

Whowever, i made the movie so much...cooler. And also i did stuff in the sequals too.

Nazi- *singing* The jew hunters here, i'm smellin the fear, some may call me cruel, but i got beat up in high school, so i take it out, on every single jew through out, germany and france, *PUNCHED IN THE FACE*

Indiana- HaHa! score one for Indi!

"That is one big pile of sh*t" -Doctor Ian Malcom

2 Responses to to clear up the "Indi wasn't needed" from bbt


NoobMember12 XPNov-16-2020 1:00 AM

I was an intern at School of Human Evolution and Social Change a couple of years ago and we analyzed the poor archaeology in "Raiders of the lost Ark". My supervisor was Christopher Morehart, Associate Professor.
Indiana Jones and the Edited Collection of Critical Essays


NoobMember12 XPNov-16-2020 1:01 AM

Archeologists work in teams, that's their first argument: check Archaeological Chemistry Laboratory.

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