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Syd Mead: Spotting the Spinner

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NoobMember4 XPApr-15-2014 5:38 AM
BrickJournal28Online-14.jpg BrickJournal28Online-16.jpg BrickJournal28Online-18.jpg BrickJournal28Online-19.jpg BrickJournal28Online-20.jpg BrickJournal28Online-21.jpg Source: DJ Food


Syd_Mead_Track_Three.jpg TRACK THREE (1976) by Syd Mead
...more Syd Punk


Daft_Punk_Helmets.jpg The Crescendolls




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4 Responses to Syd Mead: Spotting the Spinner


NoobMember10 XPApr-15-2014 8:20 PMNice post Sawa!! :) [size=[IMG][/IMG]][/size]


NoobMember0 XPApr-16-2014 5:01 AMLego is missing a trick here how many people across the globe world want this as a set. here is my money lego take it fkb :)


2KAdmin4301 XPApr-21-2014 7:03 PMLove me some Daft Punk! Great post Sawa!


NoobMember4 XPApr-25-2014 4:43 AM

Syd Mead definitely conceptualized not only much that was seen in BR, but even the Replicants themselves. It would be very interesting to know his ideas on what the Replicants were, specifically (circa 1980-81). Something that should be properly do***ented, maybe in the form of a tell-all short by Syd. And along with Ridley's thoughts in-conjunction.

I wonder how close they'd be to the concept of a real artificial human, when one comes about?

Syd tells of a dashboard scanner, that detects a Replicant based on their skulls. BR_Syd_Mead_Replicant_Scanner.png An early BR concept, as we see the art is similar to the piece below that Ridley loved.


Syd_Mead_US_Steel_Interface_1969.jpg U.S. Steel Interface - a portfolio of probabilities (1969) by Syd Mead (Gallery)

It's slightly amusing to see Syd driving around in one of those old land yachts (1972 Imperial). A very similar car to what the NYPD had among their 1970s fleet. And of course, the Spinner's paint somewhat burrowed from their scheme (1973-96). Also, just as the BR-ground Police Cars did with the B&W LAPD scheme, alternatively.

Perhaps the rights to reproduce the Spinner are exclusive to Japanese toy-makers, currently. And yes, surely an official LEGO model would be an incredibly popular kit; unfortunately, only enough awesome sauce for one. The trick, Mr. FKB, is neverminding the seemingly endless wait.

Progress City IV by T.mori


And you're all welcome (+thanks Dale)!


Bonus links:
Perfume Punk
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