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Future plot hints laced throughout the Blade Runner books 2,3 & 4

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NoobMember22 XPDec-29-2012 12:57 PMThere is a lot of interesting hints at what we could possibly see in the Blade Runner sequel, particularly if you read the book blurbs I cut and pasted here of the three sequels - Out of interest, Blade Runner 2: The Edge of Human. Also, in Blade Runner 3 there are parts that tell of the origins of the Tyrell Corporation and from what humble beginings they rose from! That would be brilliant as a prequel to see where Tyrell originated from and who his possible mentors were. As it would be equally cool if we saw a cameo or refferal to Peter Weyland whom in the script of PROMETHEUS is reffered to as Authur Weyland. It's possible his entire name after a lot of script rewrites and amendments is now actually Peter Aurthur Weyland and perhaps either a former employee of Tyrell else his prodige and 'Favorite Son'. ____________________________________________________________________________________ Blade Runner 2: The Edge of Human The first sequel to the major movie spectacular, Blade Runner, The Edge of Human has been commissioned by Orion and authorised by the Philip K Dick Trust and The Blade Runner Partnership. It is written by a writer who worked alongside Dick in the years prior to his tragically early death. It answers a lot of the questions left hanging by the movie and yet remains true to the spirit of the original Philip K Dick story Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep. Rick Deckard is living with his replicant lover, Rachael, in the rural backwoods of North America. They eke out their remaining days together with Rachael spending most of the time in cyrogenic suspension. Out of the blue Deckard is snatched away and dumped back in LA with more questions than answers. Why is he on a murder rap? Who is the sixth replicant? and is Sarah Tyrell, Rachael's double, to be trusted? _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Beginning several months after the events in Blade Runner, Deckard has retired to an isolated shack outside the city, taking the replicant Rachael with him in a Tyrell transport container, which slows down the replicant aging process. He is approached by a woman who explains she is Sarah Tyrell, niece of Eldon Tyrell, heiress to the entire Tyrell Corporation and the human template (templant) for the Rachael replicant. She asks Deckard to hunt down the "missing" sixth replicant. At the same time, the human template for Roy Batty hires Dave Holden, the blade runner attacked by Leon, to help him hunt down the man he believes is the sixth replicant - Deckard. Deckard and Holden's investigations lead them to re-visit Sebastian, Bryant, and John Isidore ( from the book Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep? ), learning more about the nature of the blade runners and the replicants. When Deckard, Batty, and Holden finally clash, Batty's inhuman fighting prowess leads Holden to believe he has been duped all along and that Batty is the sixth replicant; he shoots him. Deckard returns to Sarah with his suspicion: there is no sixth replicant. Sarah, speaking via a remote camera, confesses that she created and maintained the rumor herself, to deliberately discredit and eventually destroy the Tyrell Corporation, after her uncle Eldon created Rachael based on her and then abandoned the real Sarah. Sarah brings Rachael back to the Corporation building to meet with Deckard, and he escapes with her. However, Holden - recovering from his injuries during the fight - later finds the truth: Rachael has been killed by Tyrell agents, and the "Rachael" who escaped with Deckard was actually Sarah. She has completed her revenge by both destroying Tyrell, and taking back Rachael's place. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Blade Runner 3: Replicant Night Rick Deckard has sold his story to a young Turk film director, Urbenton and shooting is scheduled at an orbital station off planet. Watching his past hunt for the replicants being repeated on the set is doing weird things to his mind. As soon as filming is over he is going straight back to Mars where he has been living incognito with Sarah Tyrell. But before corporation loyalists determined to resurrect the vanquished company. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Living on Mars, Deckard is acting as a consultant to a movie crew filming the story of his Blade Runner days. He finds himself drawn into a mission on behalf of the replicants he was once assigned to kill. Meanwhile, the mystery surrounding the beginnings of the Tyrell Corporation is being dragged out into the light. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Blade Runner: Eye and Talon The story follows Iris, another Blade Runner, on an assignment to find Tyrell's owl, which seems to have special importance for the Tyrell Corporation and other dubious organizations. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ( A Cooment Mad by a Reviewer on this particular book ) This is K.W. Jeter's third sequel to Blade Runner,and I suspect it will be the last. It has never been published in the USA and is only available via pricey imported copies. I was lucky enough to stumble across a relatively inexpensive copy from an Amazon Market place dealer; if I had paid what other copies are selling for, I'd feel much more disappointed than I already am. Eye and Talon starts strongly, with a female blade runner named Iris getting the puzzling assignment of retrieving Eldon Tyrell's owl (although it was presented as an artificial owl in the film, Iris quickly learns that it was in fact a live owl). She meets a mysterious character named Vogel who possesses some critical inside information and offers to assist her. Some exciting, well-drawn action scenes follow, including a thrilling chase inside the ruins of the Tyrell Corporation's pyramid. Unfortunately, the story quickly runs out of steam after that; the novel ends with 50+ pages of tedious exposition in which the Big Secrets are revealed as slowly as possible. Jeter also continues a baffling conceit from his previous Blade Runner novel: a director named Urbenton has produced a film of Rick Deckard's adventures called "Blade Runner,"which just happens to be identical to Ridley Scott's "Blade Runner." Urbenton is filming this novel's action with hidden cameras and there are occasional "Intercut" chapters showing the production crew at work. This peculiar subplot is little more than a distraction. I should add that I'm a Jeter fan; I've read all of his novels and I think he's a tremendously talented writer. I consider him the most accomplished writer to emerge from Dick's circle of friends. Unfortunately, Jeter's output is very un-even and his pacing is often maddeningly ponderous. This could have been a far better novel if Jeter had allowed information to emerge from the narrative, rather than having a character spend 50 pages explaining everything. Maybe the author was facing a deadline and just needed to get it done in a hurry.
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2KAdmin4301 XPDec-29-2012 10:02 PMYes, I am VERY interested to hear if indeed Ridley is going to adapt the script from the next books in the series.
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