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What do you want from the sequel?

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NoobMember0 XPSep-24-2012 9:13 PMSo, any ideas as to what you guys would like to see in the sequel? Should Ford be involved? What would you like to see visually? Pratical or CG? What would you like to be explored story wise? What themes would you like to see touched upon? And so on...
25 Responses to What do you want from the sequel?


2KAdmin4298 XPSep-24-2012 9:21 PMEven Ridley supposedly wants Ford back. [quote][i]When asked by The Independent if Ford would be apart of the movie Scott responded, “got to have him in it somewhere. That’d be amusing…”[/i][/quote] Click-[url=]‘Blade Runner’ Sequel: Will Harrison Ford Return?[/url]


NoobMember0 XPSep-24-2012 9:31 PMYeah, I'd read that as well as another comment about Ford coming back. The quotes gave me the feeling that if he was involved it would be a cameo or something and he wouldn't be a part of the story. Ford hated filming the movie and it wasn't that long ago that he wouldn't even talk about the film. Like even say one word about it. Dangerous Days changed that though. With Ridley always being adamant that Deckard was a replicant you would think he would have self-destructed or whatever by the time the sequel takes place. I think it would be cool to have him back ala digital Jeff Bridges in Tron. That could be cool as hell.


NoobMember0 XPSep-24-2012 9:33 PMPersonally I would like to see Scott continue the Prometheus tradition of using un-used concepts from the original like the opening sequence with the soup-pot and all that. I'm pretty sure I read Ridley saying he was going to use the scene for the sequel so it looks like he will continue to.


NoobMember0 XPSep-24-2012 9:52 PMFor it not to be written by 2 writers with different visions for the film. Pick one story and stick with it. I know I sound like a freakin' child but sometimes it takes a virgin mind to set things straight, LOL!!


2KAdmin4298 XPSep-24-2012 10:18 PMTo answer your main question, I will go in just like I did with Prometheus, without any expectation. I simply hope it is a good movie. :)


NoobMember10 XPSep-24-2012 10:59 PMI've been hearing about the next Blade Runner since 2010 or so.Early on I remember reading it might be a prequel. I like the idea of having Harrison Ford back(especially with Engineers idea of CG youth). I just don't want it to fall in the "I wish they never made that" category....and Han shoots first this time :)


NoobMember0 XPSep-25-2012 3:52 AMMusic from Vangelis for BR2 would be nice :)


NoobMember0 XPSep-25-2012 5:59 AMMaybe some footage from the Offworld Colonies? I bet Ridley Scott have had some kind of dystopic vision about the slavery of the replicants, and the camps where they lived.. It would be great to see it.. Why they killed people and some of them died just to escape from it..

Albert West

NoobMember0 XPSep-25-2012 6:33 AMOffworld Colonies sounds good but what would be the focus of the plot. In Blade Runner the replicants search for their creator because they want more life.... Prometheus was brilliant and Ridley Scott explored the "creator and immortality" theme in what has to be his best film since Blade Runner. So what does Scott do now? Does anyone know if there is some sort of script drafted up for Blade Runner 2?


NoobMember0 XPSep-25-2012 6:15 PM@Svyana...I wasn't really asking about expectations as you mean. Trust me, I know exactly what you mean. I noticed how fans crazy expectations for Prometheus totally ruined the film for a lot of people. But expecting something and wanting something are 2 different things. I could want Blade Runner 2 to be a replicant ****o but I certaintly wouldn't actually expect Ridley to do it lol. But yeah, I get your point and have preached that people not get out of hand with expectations.

NCC 1701

NoobMember22 XPSep-25-2012 6:26 PMmymy hopes are always high ,,,,, sooner or later , we will see a super great SciFi Remake or sequel


NoobMember0 XPOct-01-2012 11:36 AMMy shot at a synopsis, for what it's worth: [u]BLADE RUNNER 2[/u] Deckard (Harrison Ford), revealed to be human, lives with Rachel (not Sean Young, unfortunately) in an underground replicant rehabilitation community on earth where they work with sympathetic human engineers on an algorithm that will solve the problem of incept dates. Over the years they've seen many good, decent replicants expire while trying to live normal lives. Beaten from years of dashed hope, and now older and growing tired, Deckard is almost ready to call it quits. Then a promising algorithm is discovered. But before it can be thoroughly tested, a rebel group of treated subjects escapes to an off-world colony with designs to treat and free its enslaved and exploited class of "skin jobs". If that isn't bad enough, it's soon discovered that the algorithm causes irreversible and ever-increasing hostility and aggression in subjects. Now, Deckard must reboot his blade runner instincts and set off to stop them. Questions abound: Will Deckard be able to survive the grueling trip off-world, let alone fight the rebel forces when he arrives? How will he be received by humans there who know what he's been doing? Will he once and for all have to decide to which life form he belongs, putting a painful strain on his relationship with Rachel who only wants them to escape again? And what of the off-world woman who offers to help him out of love, and who was once the model for the beautiful replicant he retired in the back all those years ago? Deckard will once again come to learn that making things right in a world so divided may require him to be more human than humanly possible.


NoobMember0 XPOct-05-2012 11:54 AMI'd like something dealing with religion. Electric Sheep had a lot of religious ideas and sort of a nice pairing of the religion of the corporate *****, (i want, i need), to the martyr pushing his boulder. I'd love for them to deal more with some of those ideas, and maybe also some of the other ideas from the book related to emotion. In the book humans have a machine that they can use to feel any emotion they want. I'd like to see the idea of real emotion and the human soul in a world where you can push a button to feel a certain way juxtaposed to the emotions of a replicant. Is one more artificial or real? etc. Also with Tyrell dead what if he becomes a martyr or religious figure. There could be a replicant religion with Tyrell as paragon and Roy as his fallen angel who ultimately does him in. Someone figuring out the truth of that could visit Deckard who can provide the evidence for the reality of the more grey situation.


NoobMember0 XPOct-18-2012 1:53 PMI hope they get the music and atmosphere right. And use all of the original soundtrack songs that they didnt include in the Blade Runner film. And, include the Blade Runner blues track at some point in the film to further tie in the feel of the movie with Blade Runner. To me, Blade Runner is Los Angeles...and only Los Angeles. Going away from there will take away from the dreary isolated city feel that defines the name Blade Runner. Things like the offworld colonies, and Tanhauser gates should be left to imagination. Some things should just be left alone. I also dont want to see Rachel or Deckard. And I think I heard the lead character will be female, I hope Ridley doesn't cast as badly as Prometheus (Guy Pearce as an old man was beyond stupid). I would prefer more practical sets and less CGI. When something is CGI you can tell its fake right away, even small models can be made more convincing the opening sequence of Blade Runner. I dont want to see any religious stuff at all, its just not Blade Runner. If religion is included it may take away from the feel, and push toward the type of Alien 3 vibe/Dead Space/and other sci fi types of stuff. Using the old farm, dog chasing car concept sounds okay..however I think that should be the beginning 10 or so minutes of the film, and then its straight to LA...where it should stay. Now aside from that, I dont know what I think they should do. And I sure hope it doesn't turn out like that new Total Recall movie, with the dupstep and touch screens.


NoobMember0 XPOct-19-2012 6:13 PMOpening sequence: Weyland industries chicago branch(Weyland) your a hard man to find...(voice) not interested... (Weyland) you haven't heard my offer yet (voice) retired, still not interested.besides you got Gaff have him do your dirty work. (Weyland) he is, but you being you and obviously him being you... (Deckard) exhales on his cigarette, yeah... I thought that would come back to bite Tyrell in the butt...didn't authorize the dupe though. Scene 2. A field of maze, A spinner sets itself down a hundred yards out from a homely shack, a young lady, legs, niiice legs exits the police vehicle and makes her way silently to the front door. Locked, not a problem, she reaches in to her pocket and removes a sonic emitter...the door now accessible, she enters, shifts through the belongings of the target she notices a zippo, pockets it, then moves to the kitchen. She notices a pot on the stove simmering, she sets down on a stool and waits...( insert Ridley Scott's scene here ) after that she exits the back door and strides out with a Weyland manufactured jaw bone. A man leaning against the car is a well groomed man, toothpick in mouth: thats my girl, and here i thought he was gonna rabbit. (Female BR)nahhhh they dont run so well after a 45 pointblank to the face:) (Gaff) wish you'd pack something a little more current. Them antiquated toys of yours gonna run out of rounds, can't blame you for taste though kid.(femaleBR) catch pops (as she tosses the jaw) scan it out, whatcha want for dinner daddyo? (GAFF) how about the White Dragon? SCENE 3: (Weyland) we need you to come back to the city of angels, we've liquidated most of Tyrell's assets...but the nexus 6 seem to be a bit more than i bargained for. The system has been hacked twice in one week through the low end by way of Tyrell's personal codes, codes his niece had access to...she was removed years ago of course, she was a basic with an expiration date but you, well the other you thats a different story... (Now see, how cool it would be if they added Weyland, and brought back Harrison and the guy who played Gaff? Young Deckard could be played by Ford's son like he did on the Final cut. What do you think now?


NoobMember0 XPOct-25-2012 11:25 AMI have recently watched Ford's comments re Blade Runner on one disk of the 5 BD set and he said that he loved the entire movie except the final sequence in the initial release as it was too optimistic when compared to the rest of the story. What he did hate was that Ridley Scott wouldn't talk much to the actors and wouldn't ask for their input. Everybody on the set hated the voiceovers, including Scott, but they had no choice about it. BTW, I loved the voiceovers because I think they give more weight to the idea that Deckard was a man who realized that he was killing people ("shooting a woman in the back") rather than "retiring" machines.


NoobMember0 XPNov-09-2012 2:51 AMI'd like to see JF Sebastian again. He was the unsung heart and real tragedy of the terrible world 2019 Los Angeles. Having no idea what the sequel's about, maybe Ridley can introduce JF as an heir to Eldon Tyrell's company or at least a partial beneficiary. Furthermore, JF could be the guardian of Tyrell's brain, which last I read from an early script, was kept preserved within the body of a living shark. If William Sanderson is too old to reprise the role and we're keeping within close proximity to the 2019 time-line maybe we can see Giovanni Rabisi play the part instead?
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Indy John

NoobMember0 XPDec-17-2012 11:48 PMAs mention somewhere I would like to see a Blade Runner storyline involving off Earth activities. My vote for new Blade Runner would be Halle Berry.
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NoobMember0 XPDec-19-2012 4:08 AMYou have to step outside of the box of characters used in the original Blade Runner, so that means Deckard only as a cameo for fun, and none of the others like Gaff or Rachel. Starting with what RS gave us so far regarding the combine in the vast tilled field with the dog running up to a spinner (or farm house - kinda forget the detail there) in the early morning with great lights on the combine.... That could be offworld or just as far away from the city as you could get in middle america which may have now shifted north due to climate change. We also know that the protagonist will be a strong female and I would bet she is a blade runner like Deckard was, but perhaps not a replicant like he turned out to be, according to RS in recent interviews unless he was pulling our leg and I do not think he was due to the unicorn dream/origami connect. This is supposed to be sometime after like 30 years from 2019 so we are talking about 2050 and we can expect greater enhancements in technology as RS always tends to make predictions about technology that are a bit generous, meaning that the things he predicts could well take place but we would have to wait at least 50 years later then he predicts, which is one of the reasons he should hire more scientists to provide technical support regarding the hard science aspects, hint hint. What happens after that is any ones guess but the book explored what it is that makes us human and at what point does a synthetic human being become human along with the idea of what constitutes consciousness and is there such a thing as a soul. If you create a human out of genetically enhanced parts does the whole creature constitute a 'human'? Does it have a soul if such a thing exists, and if that were true would it go to an afterlife like paradise?


NoobMember0 XPJan-06-2013 10:37 AMMaybe a goat on the rooftop. :)

Julio Bro!

NoobMember0 XPJan-26-2013 10:35 PMWhat I would like is not to have Deckard be a cyborg. I understand the long lasting speculations and then Mr. Scott giving his answers. Particulately one of late, which appears on an interview; he directly says Ford's character was a Nexus 6, albeit laughing. I think most people didn't saw Deckard as a robot, theres nothing concrete in the movie; and many that got the hints, took them as metaphorical. This because of the feelings expresed in the theatrical version (my favorite, voice over, no dream, more detective-noir), and there I see a deeper significance regarding science fiction. A human whose job is to eliminate cyborgs, develops conflicting feelings towards them. The feelings are such, that he even ends up liking and loving one. A philosophical issue of our future and a staple of the genre. In fact, that's what makes the relationship interesting...and what will she do when Deckard becomes old? Are there ways to make him endure? Maybe she wants to age with him. Making him a robot is the easy way out, because there's no issue, you know; "I'm a cyborg, she's a cyborg, oooh, let's make a ghost in the shell." :-) Develop what you might, and throw Weyland in, I like the idea, but keep Deckard human.


2KAdmin4298 XPJan-27-2013 1:13 AM@Julio Bro!; They are not cyborgs though, they are 100% biological entities. More like clones. Welcome to the forum btw. :D

Julio Bro!

NoobMember0 XPJan-28-2013 7:13 PMYeah, synthetic humans, right? Thanks for receiving me. I didn't thought a sequel for this would come. But it's a cool character and environment, and deeper issues to explore.


NoobMember0 XPMar-29-2013 9:31 PMI agree with "one story and stick with it". BR is about depth, DEPTH, DEPTH. About CG, less is better (same quality as "Total Recall" with Colin Farrel should be great, just using less flying cars) Controversial characters are a must, nobody has to be 100% good or bad.


NoobMember0 XPSep-09-2013 1:13 PMI guess I'd want a piece to look like bookends... complementary, supplementary, same universe but two stand alone stories. I don't want BR2 to be the set up for BR3, BR4... like most action movies do now. I think some questions from BR have to be answered in the new film, e.g. is Deckard a replicant? Do they age? How do they fit in society (or not)? I wouldn't mind Harrison Ford and Sean Young appearing in BR2, but in small parts, to confer continuity, again to answer questions. Likewise, I think BR2 needs to end with new questions left unanswered. Syd Mead provided the visual inspiration to BR, but he's 80. Not sure if he feels up to the task again, but a visual theme needs to be set by him or someone like him. Same with the music, provided by Vangelis in BR... perhaps him again or a new voice such as Bear McCreary of Caprica and Battlestar Galactica fame. If any character returns for a significant role, I'd say Edward James Olmos as Gaff. He could provide continuity and answers without slaving BR2 to BR. In fact, one could argue that Deckard was hired from the outside because the police couldn't / wouldn't involve a current officer because of some knowledge / access to information they might have that would make the police complicit in something related to Tyrel and replicants... Deckard solved that problem for them. That could be a thematic thread in BR2 as well. I hope they look to cast actors that perfectly fit the perceived role, and not necessarily marque stars to try and bump box office. I don't think a BR2 needs that. Moreover, I think BR2 could be considered a film that makes a new star. As someone mentioned, Philip K. Dick's "...Androids..." was dark, with flawed, unhappy characters and also brought some religion into the conversation. I think that would work better for a BR2 than some "secret potion" that humanizes replicants or something. BR2 needs to be a deeper film than that. I like how BR ended in the director's vision with ambiguity that left open possibilities. I'd like to see that again... not for the sake of providing a starting point for BR3, but just to leave the audience and fans to ponder and carry on their own conversations.
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