Star Wars New Trilogy Titles - My Guess At What They May Possibly Be

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NoobMember22 XPMar-13-2013 10:55 AM"Star Wars: Episode VII - Legacy of the Jedi" or "Legacy of the Force" Everything these days starts with a legacy, "Poltergiest: The Legacy" quite a few years ago, "Tron: Legacy","The Bourne Legacy" and so on after the many years of "Return of the Jedi" we now have a grand sweep of the "Legacy of the Jedi" or "Legacy of the Force" to recap upon. "Star Wars: Episode VIII - Children of the Darkside" It's the middle film, we have to have a decent into possible negativity as with "The Empire Strikes Back" so we are introduced to potential "Children of the Darkside" here. Not sure what children they could be, new Jedi apprentices, Han & Leia's children? Lukes? Lando's, Wedges'? ect. "Star Wars: Episode IX - Masters of the Force" or "Masters of the Jedi" or "Master of the Jedi" (reffering to Luke perhaps?) By the third installment of the proposed trilogy we round at least this trilogy off with members whom have become "Masters of the Force" perhaps in many different facets, The Force itself, the force of being positive, positive rolemodels, parents, Han & Leia, Luke & Mara Jade maybe all as parents to their children, serving the New republic and so on. There was "Masters of the Universe" we could have either"Masters of the Force" or "Masters of the Jedi" or even just "Master of the Jedi" or "Master of the Force". Just a fun thought experiment/proposal, we will know later on in time. If not the up-coming trilogy then maybe the next one after! Again, we shall see! Thanks for readin if you did, it is fun to speculate!
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NoobMember40 XPMar-13-2013 12:07 PM"Star Wars: Episode IX - Rebirth of the Republic"


NoobMember22 XPMar-14-2013 1:31 PMThats a good idea shambala.


NoobMember0 XPMar-24-2013 11:00 AMi think its going to be hard to follow up the last star wars star wars episode 7- the next generation

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NoobMember22 XPMar-25-2013 3:43 PMheh! lol!


NoobMember40 XPMar-26-2013 9:17 PMSee this fan poster XD [img][/img]


NoobMember40 XPMar-26-2013 9:22 PMand here are some rumors about the plot: 1. The story will be set 30 years after the end of Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. 2. It will focus on the children of LUke Skywalker, Han Solo and Leia Organa as they become adults and grow into their own Jedi powers. 3. Luke Skywalker will be the Grand Master of a rebuilt Jedi Order. 4. The Skywalker/Solo kids will face an acolyte of the long-deceased Emperor Palpatine, who plans to resurrect the Sith and destroy the Jedi -- and some of them may still have to struggle with their own temptation toward the Dark Side (courtesy of having some of Anakin's genes, we guess). See more of this in [url=]blastr[/url].


NoobMember40 XPMar-26-2013 9:44 PMAlthough to be honest I'm not sure (despite being rumors), because this premise is much like the expanded universe, and they have already said that would have new stories, supposedly.


InitiateMember357 XPApr-07-2013 5:29 PMJust to throw my two cents in, how about, Star Wars VII - Inheritors of the Epoch.

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NoobMember9 XPApr-15-2013 3:34 AMBack in the late 80's or early 90's there was a props store that sold replica lightsabers. Seems they had an inside scoop that prequel movies were coming out and that one of them was going to be called "Enter a Dark Lord". Sounded like "Enter the Dragon" to me at the time. I wonder how much they'll use of Lucas' unused rough drafts and ideas for these sequel movies.


NoobMember0 XPMay-09-2013 7:37 PMHere's mines: Star Wars Episode VII: A New Menace Star Wars Episode VIII: Heroes Of The Force Star Wars Episode IX: Rise Of The New Republic
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