Nicholas Hoult talks of Fury Road role as Nux

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[b]Nicholas Hoult[/b], one of the most in-demand young actors of the moment sits down with Collider for a short interview promoting his new film [b]Warm Bodies[/b]. Hoult talks very briefly about the just-wrapped [b]Mad Max: Fury Road[/b], discussed working with the great [b]George Miller[/b] and what character he plays in the the reboot/sequel called [b]Nux[/b]. Nux is a driver in the film that has a good amount of scenes with Hardy's Max Rockatansky. Hoult describes Nux as “the driver of one of the pursuit vehicles. A young kind of soldier, warrior character.” [center][IMG][/IMG][/center] Hoult’s been extremely busy for the past year and a half. He shot three movies with the most recent being the reboot, Mad Max: Fury Road. The actor’s been enjoying his run in the action genre. “It’s a treat to go to work,” Hoult said. “In Mad Max, [I'm] driving around in a cool car, stuff’s blowing up everywhere.” He went on to confirm that they recently wrapped production on the film. [u]“I finished Mad Max just before Christmas. We were in Namibia since June, so I’ve kind of been with my head in the sand a bit. Out in the desert, I’ve been completely in that world. It’s odd coming back to everything else. It’s nice to have this [Warm Bodies] and Jack coming out though. I’m hoping that people will like them.”[/u] [b]Resource[/b]: [url=]Link to Collider Video Interview[/url]
[url=]Visit the Mad Max: Fury Road Forums today![/url]
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