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Will Spider-Man: No Way Home feature a Venom end credits scene?

Will Spider-Man: No Way Home feature a Venom end credits scene?

Scified2021-11-28 19:02:03
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Will Spider-Man: No Way Home feature a post credits scene involving Tom Hardy's Venom? A friendly neighborhood tipster suggests so.

The rumor isn't so far-fetched considering Venom: Let There Be Carnage's end credits scene set up an MCU-crossover for the Symbiote anti-hero. Our tipster suggests one of (reportedly two) end credits scenes for No Way Home will be the next teaser for Venom's MCU inclusion. As for specifics of the footage, we don't have any and for the protection of the tipster's identity, they won't say.

As with any rumor, we urge readers to take this news with a hefty grain of salt. As much as we would love to see a Venom reference in No Way Home, we're not holding our breath, as we're not sure of the legalities surrounding Sony and their relationship with Marvel regarding the character. However, given Let There Be Carnage's end credits scene, we can assume an MCU Venom cross-over is on the table.

As a refresher, the end credits scene for Let There Be Carnage showed us Eddie Brock and Venom hiding out in a cabin on a remote tropical island when something dramatic happens - initially believed to be Venom showing Brock pieces of his history - we realize Eddie and Venom have actually been transported to a new universe.

This moment must have occurred simultaneously as the events which take place in No Way Home when Dr. Strange and Peter Parker unlock and intertwine layers of the Multiverse. The result is Venom having been transported to the exact same place they were, but in a new, alternate universe - a universe with Spider-Man. This conveniently explains the lack of Spider-Man in Venom, while still maintaining so many other characters and aspects from the Spider-Man universe.

Ready for more confusion?

Our tipster adds, cryptically, that the Spider-Man footage seen in the Let There Be Carnage end credits scene may not be from the same universe No Way Home takes place in at all, but another strand of space and time within the Multiverse. Essentially the spell Dr. Strange and Parker unlock in No Way Home "shuffles the deck" so to speak, putting various characters from different universes in other universes. One could go crazy trying to make sense of it all.

Oddly enough, Venom's reaction to seeing Spider-Man / Peter Parker insinuates he knows who this is... perhaps Venom's Symbiotic past spans not only the known universe, but perhaps multiple universes as well. This could also be why Venom tried to explain to Brock that his Human brain could not comprehend the information Venom has amassed throughout his lifetime.

Will Venom make an appearance in No Way Home? We'll know soon enough. In the meantime, again, we urge you to take all of this with a grain of salt.

Written by ChrisPublished on 2021-11-28 19:02:03
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1 Fan responses to Will Spider-Man: No Way Home feature a Venom end credits scene?


RespectedMember1557 XPDec-01-2021 3:03 AM

I don't really see the point of use using that as a reference. Maybe they'll do so just to gain interest from people but to just have a cameo for a cameo's sake seems unnecessary to me. Come up with new things, that shouldn't bee too hard.

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