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Gamera Chronicles Chapter 8:Team Deathmatch

Gamera Chronicles Chapter 8:Team Deathmatch

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Kamoebas V.6

Apr-03-2021 3:01 PM

Inspired by Godzilla Extinction

Original Idea by Kameobas V.6

Made by:

-Kamoebas V.6






In the core of the volcano,magma seems to rise,and then a giant hand comes out from the magma,then the giant creature whose hand came out stands up,and it breaks the crater of the volcano,its Obsidius!People in the area are being rescued as Obsidius starts to rampage in the city.Then Obsidius gets away from the city and goes somewhere different.


Obsidius gets to Antarctica,as the Japanese airforce sends jets to attack him.Obsidius roars hardly at an ice wall,the ice wall starts to crack,just a little bit.Obsidius obliterates the jets.Then heavy steps are heard,and a familiar roar is heard,it's Gamera!Obsidius starts to run at Gamera,and then he jumps high up and prepares to do a dive kick.Gamera gets inside of his turtle shell and when the dive kick lands,both Obsidius and Gamera break through the ice shelf and fall deep in the ocean.


Gamera survives the dive kick and goes back into normal shape and blasts Obsidius away from him.Obsidius then roars again,the ice wall that is way up over the ice shelf starts to crack more,Obsidius then tries to hit Gamera with a combo,but Gamera dodges and beats up Obsidius even more.Obsidius swims up to the ice shelf and Gamera follows  after.


Obsidius gets on the ice shelf,and so does Gamera.But Obsidius roars yet again,and the ice wall breaks,causing the frozen Kristalak to break free.And both Obsidius and Kristalak rush to Gamera and manage to deal a damaging combo on Gamera,Gamera tries to blast them but it fails,even dodging wasn't working,it seemed hopeless.Until,weird sounds are coming from the ocean,and a roar.A giant red hand grabs Kristalak by the leg,and then Kristalak shakes it off.But Titanosaurus jumps from the ice shelf,and he grabs Kristalak by the neck and successfully kills him.Gamera blast a full power plasma ball,which Obsidius absorbs.And then Gamera decides to absorbs Obsidius' heat,considering that Obsidius is made out lava.He then absorbs the heat and fires a heat ray at Obsidius,which disintegrates Obsidius.

Gamera and Titanosaurus look at each other,and instead of fighting,Gamera walks up to Titanosaurus and roars in respect,so does Titanosaurus.And just like that,Gamera has found an ally that can help him in the future.Will they face a powerful opponent that will force them to strengthen their bond?Find out in the next chapter!

2 Responses to Gamera Chronicles Chapter 8:Team Deathmatch


Apr-03-2021 3:06 PM

Really cool!

Passive Agression


Apr-03-2021 5:40 PM

yaaay Obsidius and his brother need more love

'Once in a lifetime, water flowing underground'
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