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Einstein-Rosen Bridges

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NoobMember0 XPDec-14-2013 2:53 PMAll I know is that it's a hypothetical spacetime tunnel. Someone please shed some more light on this topics.
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NoobMember0 XPDec-14-2013 3:12 PMwell, it's a hypothetical "short cut" envisioned by scientist and mathematicians... You can go from point A. to point B. inches from your face. There is no solid information yet to be presented on it. Aka Science Fiction/Fantasy...
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NoobMember0 XPDec-15-2013 1:46 PMI would suggest you read up on wormholes to learn more about what an Einstein-Rosen Bridge is. [url=]Hawking on Wormholes[/url] and [url=] on wormholes.[/url] and [url=]Dr. Michio Kaku on Wormholes.[/url]


NoobMember0 XPDec-27-2013 2:19 AMThat got me thinking about Alcubierre's paper on warp drive ( which demonstrates that one could jump great distances by warping space time; rumour has it that NASA is working on it


ConversationalistMember1221 XPJan-04-2014 5:45 PMWell all matter is energy so what happens to it when it goed into a black hole ?? They say there is one massive black nole at the centre of our galaxy (that's what I have heard) and that quasers are the place where this matter is release that is "consumed" by the black hole. Dunno ..... Please comment if I am wrong or write. Off topic: whatever became of the unofoed field theory ?? Has anyone ever looked at it after einstein died ??


ConversationalistMember1221 XPJan-04-2014 5:55 PMSo that means that quasers are the release points for this sucked up matter/energy. So what connects the blachhole and quasers with each other ?? Wormholes ?? Chuck missler says that once matter is cut down to its smallest size and then cuts it again it delocalizes and becomes energy and goes everywhere as all particles/energy are connected to each other. They say there is no length or width in a blackhole. It is all one dimensional. So perhaps the one point where all energy came from during the big bang is connected with the one dimensional point inside a black hole is connected to this energy state of matter after it delocalises and can perhaps be "moved" or "connected" to any other point in the universe ? Perhaps black holes can give the opening to a wormhole ??
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