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Review Shin Godzilla film review by Kenboki


Written By Kenboki on 2020-04-06 06:23:03

Shin Godzilla

Shin Godzilla Movie

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    Shin Godzilla is not your typical Godzilla film. Apart from the 98' "Zilla" version of Godzilla, this one departs from the normal design of the monster in a lot of ways that none of the other films do. 

   The film starts out with a disturbance in the waters off of Japan that floods an underground tunnel. The government figures out after some time that it's a giant monster. Through the most of the film , Godzilla evolves through his different forms from aquatic to crawling on land , then standing and being his usual Godzilla self except for a few improvements and mods that were thrown in for this film.

    The human characters of the film are limited to mostly government officials trying to figure out what Godzilla is and if they want to kill or capture him and then just trying to figure out how to stop him. They do a decent of enough job but sometimes feel like they are dragging the film down a bit.

    This film has some good destructive scenes of Godzilla taking out buildings, military vehicles and jets. Godzilla is the only kaiju in the film which harkens back to the original 54' film of monster destroys city. I would like to see this version up against another kaiju. This film might not have dragged as much if it had a kaiju on kaiju battle.

    Shin Godzilla overall is a decent kaiju film but if your expecting epic kaiju battles then you will be highly disappointed. This is Godzilla destroys city, humans try to figure how to keep him from destroying city. If that's good enough for you then you will enjoy this film.


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